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Quality Grade System

This class would have all the characteristics of “Superior” Quality Grade, essentially no flaws or imperfections and to be museum ready. To qualify for “Trophy Class” these items are the absolute rare species, award winning trophy score qualifications, and or shear size of the species. This class makes up the single percentages of items on the market.

In order to qualify for superior, the item must have essentially no flaws or imperfections. Finest of quality coloring, hide/hair, trophy size, and habitat. For the serious collector who requires the best of the best, these pieces would be museum ready!

These items have very high quality. Craftsmanship completed by professional taxidermist with high attention to details with absolute minor flaws. Will have exceptional coloring, hair and hide quality. The simplest details separate superior and excellent.

Quality of great standard would represent the craftsmanship of commercial work. With minimal imperfections and scars found on most wild animals. Hide, hair and color will have minor blemishes. The mount is viewed by the untrained eye as being excellent.

Quality of fair would be mounts with still minor blemishes or imperfection, sometimes older pieces, mounts not cared for or amateur craftsmanship. Fair quality would still be considered stable pieces and a good display piece.

Poor quality would be pieces that are not stable, we do not sell anything poor quality.

Generally aged mounts, showing patchy spots, highly noticeable faded hide, incorrect anatomy, or overall poor shape. Work may be done by unexperienced taxidermist. These economically priced mounts are perfect when quality is not an issue.

These items have traditional and nontraditional poses, including artistic characteristics and or out of the normal displays and items. These Oddity pieces would include fictional and nonfictional species, unrealistic poses, and would be 100% stable condition.