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African Lion Taxidermy Mounts

The African Lion, a symbol of majesty and strength, is one of the most sought-after subjects for wildlife enthusiasts and taxidermy collectors alike. If you’re looking for professional African Lion taxidermy services and already made trophies, let our taxidermy store be your destination. We specialize in providing shoulder mounts, full-body mounts, and skulls (real and reproduction), which show off the grandeur of this renown African predator.

Interested in adding an African Lion trophy to your collection? We invite you to explore our selection of African Lion taxidermy mounts, or reach out to our team at (888) 983-3886 or on our contact page today.

Shop African Lion Taxidermy Mounts Online

At All-Taxidermy, we take pride in the craftsmanship and attention to detail with every taxidermy project, regardless of the big cat species. Our African Lion taxidermy mounts are prepared with meticulous care, ensuring that every aspect – from the majestic mane to the muscular build – is preserved with the highest attention to detail to capture the natural wonder of the animal.

The most exquisite pieces listed on our website are denoted by the Excellent, Superior, or Trophy badges, and/or will be marked by the Global Exotic Taxidermy or Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skulls logos. These trophies indicate our highest quality, museum-grade work. Global Exotic Taxidermy represents a wide range of species from across the globe, especially Africa and Asia. Let All-Taxidermy to be your go-to for African Lion shoulder mounts, full-body mounts, skulls, and more. Here’s why the African Lion should be a centerpiece in your collection:

Life Size African Lion Mounts

Full-body or life size lion mounts are an incredible investment for any African taxidermy enthusiast. If you’re looking for a lion life size mount for your store, museum, office, or cabin, let All-Taxidermy be your online resource. Our full body lion taxidermy mounts can feature a custom habitat showing a full grown male lion prowling amoung savannah brush, attacking prey, lying on a rock, or in mid-roar.

African Lion Shoulder Mounts

We have several African lion shoulder mounts available on our website. Perfect for showing off the animal’s jaws, front paws, and claws, a shoulder mount will complement many other African shoulder mounts in your collection – including elephants, giraffes, hyenas, leopards, rhino, and more. (Some of our African shoulder mounts will be life-like reproductions of these beautiful animals). Please reach out to our team for pricing on African lion shoulder mounts.

African Lion Skulls

Since it’s a powerful predator, one of the most fascinating ways to preserve the lion in taxidermy form is via a reproduction or real skull. At All-Taxidermy, we utilize the Dermestid beetle cleaning process to ensure the most pristine white results which don’t negatively affect the integrity of the skull. Browse our selection of African lion skulls on this page to add a real or reproduction skull to your bookshelf or museum display!

About the African Lion

The African Lion (Panthera leo) is the only big cat species that forms social groups, called prides. Lion prides typically consist of related females, their cubs, and a small number of adult males. This social system is crucial for their survival, providing strength in numbers for hunting and protection against threats.

Female lions, or lionesses, are the pride’s primary hunters, working in hunting groups to chase and ambush prey. Despite their fearsome hunting skills, lions are opportunistic feeders, often scavenging when the opportunity arises. This is key to their survival in the diverse habitats of Sub-Saharan Africa, from open savannahs to scrublands and dense bush.

The majestic roar of a lion, which can be heard for up to 5 miles, is not just a display of power but also a means of communication with other lions. A lion’s roar serves both to mark territory and strengthen social bonds within the pride.

African Lion Taxidermy Mount FAQs

How much for a taxidermy African lion?

The cost of taxidermy for an African Lion will depend on a number of factors such as the mount type (shoulder or full-body), detail level (open mouth, pose, etc.), and additional customization like a custom habitat. Prices typically start from several thousand dollars for shoulder mounts to much higher for full-body mounts. For an accurate quote, it’s best to consult directly with our taxidermists. Find out more about estimated cost on our price list page.

What is the famous taxidermy lion?

The most famous taxidermy lion is arguably the Tsavo Man-Eaters, displayed at The Field Museum in Chicago. These are two lions responsible for the deaths of numerous workers on the Kenya-Uganda Railway in 1898. Their story is legendary, and they are among the most visited exhibits in the museum. Another famous historical taxidermy piece is The Lion of Gripsholm Castle, which is renown for its poorly done and somewhat comical taxidermy work.

Can you sell African lion taxidermy?

The sale of African Lion taxidermy is heavily regulated under international law, specifically CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), and by various national laws. In many jurisdictions, selling African Lion taxidermy requires specific permits or may be entirely prohibited to protect the species. Taxidermy sellers and shops should always check current laws and regulations before attempting to sell or purchase lion taxidermy.

Why Choose All-Taxidermy?

Selecting an African Lion taxidermy mount for your collection is a decision that will require a taxidermist with extensive experience in handling such noble creatures. At All-Taxidermy, our taxidermists have a keen eye for detail. We focus on ensuring that every element, from the lion’s gaze to the tip of its tail, is captured with precision.

At All-Taxidermy, our reputation is built on years of delivering exceptional taxidermy services, and we maintain open communication with our clients throughout the taxidermy process to ensure the final product exceeds their expectations. For inquiries regarding African Lion or other big cat shoulder mounts, skulls, or life-size mounts, please contact us.

Embark on a journey to celebrate the spirit of the African Lion through our expert taxidermy services, where the savannah is brought to life with each mount! If you’re looking for unique ways to display your big cat mount or pelt? Take a look at our blog post on big cat taxidermy mount ideas.