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Taxidermy by Albers and Co.

Professional Local Taxidermy Services

Albers & Co. is a local, family-owned business headquartered in Wrightstown, WI that has evolved into a high quality custom taxidermy shop for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Family values are fundamental to our company. We have been dedicated to perfecting our craft of taxidermy services for decades. Additionally, we are members of WTA (Wisconsin Taxidermists Association) and SCI (Safari Club International).

Our local taxidermists are committed to accurately portraying the animal so that it is as life-like as possible. The owners at our company were mentored by World Champion taxidermists, so we produce only the best possible pieces.

Taxidermy Price List

Current Delivery Time: 9 – 12 months for most taxidermy projects. Delivery times will vary depending on the time of year and the complexity of the project. Prior to the start of your project, a deposit of 25% is due, and the final amount is due at pick up.

View full taxidermy price list here. Our price list includes shoulder mounts, hide tanning, Euro mounts, birds, turkey, fish, rugs, and life size. Anything not listed here we will quote out.

Our New Taxidermy Emblems

Our brand new taxidermy emblems include taxidermy pieces that either we prepare, or that represent a piece that we can prepare for you. These demonstrate the highest quality, attention to detail, symmetry, and museum-ready pieces that we have. You will only find Trophy, Superior, and Excellent quality grade taxidermy pieces in these categories.

XXL Half Body Black Bear Taxidermy Mount, Trophy Quality

Olympic Big Game Taxidermy. Anything in our Olympic Big Game category includes North American big game like Grizzly bear, American bison, Whitetail deer, moose, elk, mountain lion, and black bear. These large mammals showcase our taxidermists’ eye for detail for life size, shoulder mounts, and pedestals. Hunting enthusiasts will find high attention to detail, perfect symmetry, and state-of-the-art craftsmanship in every Olympic Big Game piece we prepare.

To earn the Olympic Big Game badge, each piece must have the highest quality sculpted forms, glass eyes, material, commercial hide tanning, and equipment for preparation. This badge indicates either a piece we have mounted ourselves, OR is a representation of a piece we can prepare.

Eastern Turkey Taxidermy Mount, Superior Quality

Regal Wings Taxidermy. Our Regal Wings taxidermy showcases all birds, from waterfowl to turkey. Some of our most popular bird taxidermy includes pheasants, grouse, partridges, ducks, roosters, and turkeys. Albers & Co. proudly sells birds in quality, museum-ready condition that either our own local taxidermists have prepared or that are a representation of the type of project that we can do for you.

To earn the Regal Wings Taxidermy badge, the piece should demonstrate state-of-the-art materials to ensure longevity of the mount and feathers, high quality glass eyes, the best sculpted forms, and professional equipment for the most effective preparation.

Northern Pike Taxidermy Fish Mount, Excellent Quality

First Rate Fish and Reptile Taxidermy. Our fish and reptile taxidermy mounts are perfect for your cabin, office, or museum displays. The high quality taxidermy in this category features various species and subspecies of reptiles such as snakes, alligators, and lizards; as well as fish like bass, salmon, walleye, bluegill, etc.

To earn the First-Rate Fish and Reptile Taxidermy badge, the fish or reptile piece must demonstrate only the highest quality materials to ensure longevity of the mount, quality glass eyes, the best sculpted forms, and professional equipment for effective preparation.

African Kudu Taxidermy Shoulder Mount, Superior Quality

Global Exotic Taxidermy. Our Global Exotic taxidermy includes some of the globe’s most exotic animals including the giraffe, lion, zebra, rhino, buffalo, antelope, hyena, and more. These are either animals our local taxidermists have prepared or are a representation of a mount we can prepare for the client.

In this category, you’ll find some of Africa and Asia’s most exotic mammals in pristine, top-of-the-line condition. Taxidermy collectors will find pieces that are perfectly symmetrical with high attention to detail that accurately captures the true nature of the animal.

To earn the Global Exotic Taxidermy badge, each piece must demonstrate state-of-the-art sculpted forms, glass eyes, material for longevity of the piece, commercial hide tanning, and equipment for preparation. The badges denote items we have either mounted ourselves OR are a representation of items we can prepare for the client.

Black Bear European SCI SILVER Taxidermy Skull, Trophy Quality

Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skulls. As mentioned already, Albers & Co. uses Dermestid beetles to clean all our skulls. The advantage of this skull cleaning process over others is that a breakdown of nasal cartilage or shrinking of the skull will not occur. Deluxe beetle skull cleaning will ensure that your skulls will look beautiful and remain completely intact.

To earn the Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skulls badge, the skull needs to demonstrate only the best beetle cleaning methods and professional equipment to ensure the highest quality result.

Types of Taxidermy Services

Albers & Co. treats, repairs, and crafts many different species and subspecies of mammals (big game and small game), birds, fish, and reptiles. We are local taxidermists that provide quality life-size mounts, wall mounts, pedestals, rugs, and skulls. We handle the following types of taxidermy:

  • Life Size
  • Shoulder Mounts
  • Euro Mounts
  • Hide Tanning
  • Rugs
  • Birds/Turkeys
  • Fish

Custom Habitats

Albers & Co. can make your taxidermy mount come to life with a custom habitat. Your animal will look even more dynamic among natural brush, a fallen log, a rock, or lying on a tree branch. Custom habitats are perfect for museum pieces, or for your office, home, or cabin.

We will provide a quote on your custom habitat. Final price will depend on the overall complexity of the habitat.

Professional Skull Cleaning

All-Taxidermy is your source for reliable, professional skull cleaning services. Here at All-Taxidermy, our taxidermists utilize an animal skeleton preparation method called beetle cleaning to effectively clean off meat. In addition, we also sometimes use the maceration process. Whether its birds, reptiles, amphibians, or mammals, the meticulous beetle cleaning is used – preferably on fresh skulls for best results.

Dermestid Beetle Skull Cleaning

With our beetle skull cleaning, we utilize dermestid beetles to clean our skull taxidermy. Dermestid beetles, from the Dermestidae beetle family, remove the meat of the skull effectively both inside and outside of the skull. We use dermestid beetles because the skull stays intact using this method as opposed to the boiling method. In addition, the boiling method tends to shrink the skull or break down the cartilage in the nasal cavity. Overall, the dermestid beetle skull cleaning method is the most effective skull cleaning method available to better preserve skulls.

Furthermore, dermestid beetle skull cleaning is effective for moose, bear, cougar, fox, gazelle, deer, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, and any other taxidermy skull or skeleton mounts.


The process of degreasing is essential to professional skull cleaning. This process involves the extensive removal of grease from the bones. Depending on how greasy the bones are that we are working with, it will take a minimum of 14 days for the full degreasing process. There are several degreasing agents that can be utilized for the process. These include the following:
  • Benzine. This is an affordable and reliable degreaser to choose for skull cleaning. Another benefit of benzine is that it’s easy to locate.
  • Acetone. This is an excellent degreaser, although it’s also quite expensive. Acetone dissolves most types of plastics.
  • Trychloroethylene. This is probably the best degreaser available. It works similarly to acetone, but it is carcinogenic and toxic. We don’t recommend for use outside of a lab.
  • Ammonia. This is used either undiluted or up to 50% diluted. Ammonia has rather irritating vapors and can only be used once.
  • Hot soap. By contrast to some of the other degreasing methods, this option is much more affordable. You can use water with dishwashing soap, heated to about 176°F, but not boiled. We recommend only using for large skulls.
  • Drilling holes. Drilling holes in the short ends of the hollow bones helps the process of degreasing.

The Whitening Process

Following the dermestid beetle cleaning process, next, it’s time for the whitening stage. This whitening effect is achieved through an additive-free concentrated hydrogen peroxide. We use this reliable method because it will keep your taxidermy skull looking in excellent, pristine condition for years to come.

No matter if you have local specimens or exotic ones, our taxidermists will effectively clean and preserve your skull and skeleton trophies. Keep your skull well-preserved with the most effective whitening process at All-Taxidermy today!


Although we typically use the beetle cleaning process, we will sometimes use the maceration process as well. With maceration, there are several techniques, the most effective of which is using the warm-water maceration method at about 95°F (35°C). It is important to note that maceration is most effective for larger skulls and skeletons, because all the cartilage will become dissolved during the process.

As a result, it’s not a good choice for small animals because teeth and small parts of the skulls will fall apart and it will be quite challenging to reconstruct. In particular, small rodents, bats, quails, reptiles, amphibians, and small fish do not preserve as well using the maceration method.

Bird skeletons are overall still okay for the maceration process, though, due to them having no cartilage and far less bones in their wings when compared with a mammal or reptile. Our taxidermists will note which professional skull cleaning method is best to use for your skull or skeleton piece before starting the skull cleaning process.

Examples of Our Work

Professional Skull Cleaning
Professional Skull Cleaning
Professional Skull Cleaning
Professional Skull Cleaning
Professional Skull Cleaning
Professional Skull Cleaning

We Provide Nationwide Taxidermy Services

All-Taxidermy services the entire United States. Our taxidermists can handle mount, rug, skull, and skeleton specimens alike. In addition, we can provide superior taxidermy services from a small mouse to a life-sized elk.

All-Taxidermy can work with zoological establishments, museums, hobbyists, schools, collectors, and research groups alike to get you even the most exotic specimens you are looking for.


Prior to shipping your skulls or skeletons to us for cleaning, we would ask that you first contact us via phone call at 1-888-983-3886 or on our contact us page.








Delivery Times

Our current delivery time is 9-12 months for most taxidermy projects. Delivery times will depend on the complexity of the project and time of year.