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Mule Deer Mounts

All-Taxidermy is a premier mule deer taxidermy service. All-Taxidermy offers a variety of custom mule deer mounts, from shoulder to European mounts. Contact All-Taxidermy to discuss your custom deer mount pose and habitat design to create a true one of a kind piece, or to purchase one of our mounts.
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About the Mule Deer Mounts

The Mule Deer is one of the more commonly recognized animals in all of North America. The male mule deer can weigh between 130 – 280 lbs, producing antlers that are fully grown and shed once each year. The antlers they produce differ from the whitetail deer. The most common growth pattern is two ‘forks’ on each side, totaling 8 points. Mule deers are hunted in most western areas of the United States. Their habitat includes everything from the open prairie to mountainous terrain and wooded forests, making them extremely adaptable to their surroundings.

Mule Deer Shoulder Mounts

Our mule deer mounts bring out the raw nature of the wild beast in any room. Featuring the broad shoulders and head in full detail, including spread antlers.

Mule Deer European Mounts

A European mount is a skull with the hide removed and bone bleached white, usually hung on the wall as a way of showing off the trophy. The term European mount is because Europe was the first place where these mounts became popular. Before modern taxidermy, it was much more difficult to safely and effectively preserve an animal with its skin. Groups of hunters would returned from a hunt with their game and clean the muscle, tissue, and hide off the skulls and leave them out to bleach by mother nature.


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