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Mule Deer Mounts

If you’re looking for quality mule deer taxidermy mounts, you’ve come to the right place. All-Taxidermy provides some of the most superior mounts in the industry. We are a local taxidermy store and online store that continues to be driven by our family values and the pride we have in our work. Here, you can find different styles and poses of mule deer mounts that are truly one-of-a-kind.

About the Mule Deer

The mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus), is one of the most widely recognized land mammals in North America, along with its cousin, the white-tailed deer. The mule deer is native to the Western portion of the United States and parts of Mexico. This species of deer is named for its large, mule-like ears. The male mule deer can weigh between 130 – 280 lbs, producing antlers that are fully grown and shed once each year. The antlers and overall bust of the animal are a hunter’s dream – looking significantly different from the white-tailed deer. The most common growth pattern of a mule deer’s antlers is the two ‘forks’ on each side, totaling 8 points.

Mule deer are hunted in most western areas of the United States. Their habitat includes everything from the open prairie to mountainous terrain and wooded forests. There are 10 subspecies of mule deer. These subspecies range from the lower parts of Alaska to along the West coast in California, to the desert regions of New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico.

Mule Deer Life-Size Mounts

If you are a hunter, one of your dreams is likely to see your full-grown buck mounted as a life-size taxidermy trophy. There are many different ways to display your mule deer. This can include having him stand among some brush with head raised and alert, showing off the strength and the antlers of the animal – or the buck running full speed with legs posed in a realistic, true-to-life stance.

The only potential drawback to a life-size mule deer mount is its price, but if a life-size mount is what you’re envisioning, it’s well worth the investment!

Mule Deer Shoulder Mounts

Our mule deer shoulder mounts bring out the raw nature of the animal in any room. No matter if it’s for your office at work, your cabin up north, or your living room, each mule deer shoulder mount shows off the impressive display of broad shoulders and spread antlers.

Our mule deer mounts show off an outstanding level of detail – from the eyes, ears, and snout, to each of the antler’s points. You can choose to have your buck prepared in an Upright, Semi-Upright, Full Sneak, or Semi-Sneak stance, and gazing to the right or left over your cabin.

You can also check out our whitetail deer taxidermy mounts, which make up just a small portion of all the species of animals we make professional taxidermy mounts for.

Mule Deer European Mounts

A European mount is a skull with the hide removed and bone bleached white, usually hung on the wall as a way of showing off the trophy. The term European mount comes from Europe being the first place where these mounts became popular.

Take a look at our mule deer European mounts online! You will likely also find just the antlers, which are perfect for setting on your office desk or bookshelf in your cabin.

Shop Our Store for Mule Deer Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is your source for stunning mule deer taxidermy pieces and other deer taxidermy. Each mount we stock showcases an outstanding level of detail as well as the natural beauty of North America’s mule deer. If you have questions at any time, please contact our taxidermy store today, or give us a call directly at 888-983-3886.

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