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Big Cat Taxidermy Mounts

Looking for big cat taxidermy for sale online? When it comes to high quality small and big cat taxidermy mounts that are prepared with careful attention to detail, look no further than our taxidermists! All-Taxidermy is your online and local taxidermy store for taxidermy mounts. Most of our cat taxidermy mounts showcase North American felines like the mountain lion and bobcat, and others are reproduction skulls or taxidermy of African and Asian cats like the lion, tiger, and leopard.

Take a look below at our beautiful small and big cat taxidermy mounts, pelts, and skulls. Our wild cat taxidermy is in stock and ready to ship upon order! Questions for our team? Please give us a call at 888-983-3886 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about pricing, shipping, and more.

Big Cat Taxidermy for Sale

One of hunters’ favorite types of animals to hunt for is wild cat – no matter if it’s a small bobcat or a larger cougar. At All-Taxidermy, we are fully committed to quality in the taxidermy pieces we prepare, to bring your taxidermy to life! We even sell authentic and reproduction life size, shoulder mount, pedestal mount, and skulls of various big cat taxidermy from around the world. Check out our website often for exquisite big cat taxidermy for sale. Our best pieces will be represented by the Olympic Big Game Taxidermy, Global Exotic Taxidermy, and Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skulls badges.

Big Cat Taxidermy of North America

All-Taxidermy is your source for big cat taxidermy of a number of recognizable North American, African, and Asian wild feline species. These include but are not limited to the mountain lion, lynx, bobcat, leopard, lion, and caracal.

Mountain Lion Taxidermy

North America’s second to largest cat is the mountain lion (Puma concolor). Sometimes called the puma or cougar, this wild cat has a very widespread distribution across the Americas – it can be found throughout the Western United States and Canada (as far north as Yukon Territory), down throughout Mexico and Central America, and mostly throughout the continent of South America. There is also a small, isolated population of mountain lion that lives in Florida. These cats are known as the Florida cougar or the Florida puma.

Our cougar taxidermy is crafted with a high attention to detail, with multiple custom poses. For example, you can have your big cat taxidermy sprawled across a tree log, resting after a meal, standing with its mouth opened with a snarl, or even made into a gorgeous pelt. The cougar is easily one of the most recognized predators in the Americas – it’s size is second only to the Jaguar. Contact our team for mountain lion taxidermy pieces today!

Bobcat Taxidermy

Another favorite among hunters or wild cat taxidermy enthusiasts is the bobcat (Lynx rufus). This feisty cat is the smallest member of the lynx family, yet it is approximately twice the size of an average house cat. In addition, the bobcat is an exceptional hunter, killing birds, rabbits, mice, squirrels, and deer for food.

Bobcat taxidermy looks great standing tall on a pile of rocks, lying down on a tree branch, or stalking its prey among brush in a custom habitat. You can also choose to display your bobcat as a pelt, to focus attention on the cat’s fur. Regardless of your choice, the professional big cat taxidermy experts at All-Taxidermy can make it happen!

Lynx Taxidermy

A larger cousin of the bobcat, the Canada lynx is also another popular taxidermy mount that we can craft for you. This cat is characterized by long, dense fur, and long, tufted ears. It also has large, padded paws for walking on top of snow. The thick fur of the Canada lynx makes this a stunning cat taxidermy mount for your North American taxidermy collection!

Our lynx taxidermy can be a simple hide pelt to hang in your cabin, a lynx sprinting across a snowy custom habitat, or a lynx lying on a tree branch. There are many creative options for showing off your lynx trophy. Call our experts here to make your lynx cat taxidermy come to life!

Big Cat Taxidermy of Africa & Asia

All-Taxidermy also sells (or provides taxidermy services for) African and Asian cat species such as lions, leopards, tigers (skulls), servals, caracals, lynxes, wild cats, and more. Big cat taxidermy from the continents of Africa and Asia include: full body mounts, shoulder mounts, wall pedestals, and skulls alike.

Lion Taxidermy

Looking for lion taxidermy mounts online? The African lion (Panthera leo), is one of the most iconic animals on our earth. Our lion taxidermy showcases the beauty of this magnificent African animal, making it the perfect addition alongside the leopard, zebra, elephant, rhino, and other African mammals.

Lions live in social groups called prides. The male lions are larger than the females, and are known for their distinctive mane. Lions communicate through growls, snarls, meows, and roars. A lion’s roar can be heard for a distance of up to five miles. As such, an African taxidermy enthusiast owner would probably like to add a lion with an open mouth into their taxidermy collection. Lion skulls and reproduction lion skulls are also another alternative.

Leopard Taxidermy

One of the world’s most distinctly-marked animals is the African (Panthera pardus), or Asian leopard. This big cat is a skilled tree climber and hunter that can be found in various parts of Africa and Asia. Leopards are considered one of the five extant species of the genus Panthera, along with the tiger, lion, jaguar, and snow leopard. The leopard’s conservation status is Vulnerable, and in some places Endangered, depending on the subspecies.

A leopard taxidermy piece is a rare beauty. You’ll want to stop by our website from time to time to check and see if we have a leopard mount available to add to your existing African taxidermy collection in your cabin, home, office, store, or museum.

Other Big and Small Cat Taxidermy

Our big cat taxidermy may also include the lion, leopard, African caracal, wild cat, or other African species. Some of these magnificent taxidermy pieces are likely to be found in our Global Exotic Taxidermy collection. Our Global Exotic Taxidermy collection includes our most superior cat mounts, with a grade quality of either Excellent, Superior, or Trophy.

While the mountain lion, Canada lynx, and bobcat are our most popular cat mount taxidermy listed on our website, you may from time to time find reproduction skulls or full body/shoulder mounts of the planet’s most exotic cats. These include the Asian and African lion species, the tigers of Asia, (Bengal, Siberian, etc.), African leopards, servals, or Central/South American species such as the jaguar, ocelot, margay, and jaguarundi.

Also included in this wild cat taxidermy category are the African genet and civet species.

Big Cat Taxidermy FAQs

How much does it cost to taxidermy a cat?

To taxidermy a cat, you can expect the price to depend on the species and overall size of the cat. Other factors include whether you will be including more than one animal in the piece, or whether you will add a custom habitat. For example, we currently are charging between $500 and $700 for a shoulder mount for your bobcat, lynx, or cougar. For a life size mount, you can expect to pay $1,000-$4,000, again, depending on the size of the cat.

How do you preserve a big cat for mounting?

Following the hunt, you will need to get the big cat in bag and placed into a freezer as quickly as possible. Assuming your desire is to bring your big cat to your local taxidermist, you’ll want to check with them on how to perform the caping process properly. (Otherwise, just leave the caping of the animal to the taxidermist).

Where to buy taxidermy cat skulls?

You can purchase taxidermy cat skulls online, either real or reproduction at All-Taxidermy. Our company has been in the business for years, and for real skulls, we follow a beetle-cleaning process to ensure the best quality for your big cat skulls. When dealing with actual skulls, we highly recommend you opt for Dermestid beetle skull cleaning performed by a professional taxidermist. However, reproduction skulls are also a good choice, since they are highly accurate, detailed, and look exactly like an authentic skull.

Contact Us for Big Cat Taxidermy Mounts

Have questions about our small and big cat taxidermy for sale? Please reach out to our expert team today and we can help you. Just give us a call at 888-983-3886, or stop by our contact page. The cost of your feline taxidermy mounts will ultimately depend on the size of the cat, the species of cat, and the pose you want. Find out more here on our pricing page. For ideas for how to display your cat, check out our blog post on cat taxidermy mount ideas.

All-Taxidermy is a professional taxidermy store that has dedicated years to perfecting our craft. With so many years of experience under our belt, we have the knowledge and attention to detail that you’re looking for in your taxidermy mount. Be sure to take a look at all our taxidermy mounts for sale here to create the perfect North American, Asian, or African collection!