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Trout Taxidermy Mounts

At All-Taxidermy, we understand the thrill that comes from catching a beautiful trout. That’s why our team focuses on providing superior trout taxidermy services, ensuring your beautiful catch is preserved forever. With a passion for our craft and a thorough understanding of the diverse species of trout, our professionals are equipped with professional knowledge and a focus on precision to capture the lifelike quality of your trout trophy.

Questions for our team? Please feel free to reach out to us online, or call us directly at (888) 983-3886. Trout taxidermy mounts are our specialty!

Various Species of Trout

There are 14 unique species of trout in the world. With the wide range of species of trout that exist, these fish make beautiful taxidermy displays, largely due to their beautiful colorations. For example, the Rainbow Trout stands out because its vibrant skin and distinctive markings. Another beautiful species is the Cutthroat Trout, which is characterized by its distinctive orange or red throat mark. There is also the Golden Trout, which is named this thanks to its striking gold coloring that shimmers under sunlight. Also, the Brown Trout is recognized by its beautiful golden-brown shades and spots.

The 14 known species of trout are Rainbow, Cutthroat, Golden, Brown, Lake, Brook, Dolly Varden, Bull, Tiger, Splake, Palomino, Gila, Apache, and Marble trout. Let’s go over some of these species in more detail:

Rainbow Trout Taxidermy Mounts

Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), with their shimmering, multi-hued scales and unique patterns, are understandably a favorite among anglers and taxidermists alike. They are native to the cold water tributaries of the Pacific Ocean throughout Asia and North America. At All-Taxidermy, we’ve perfected the art of capturing the iridescence of the Rainbow Trout’s scales, ensuring that the colors of your prized catch are preserved for decades to come.

Lake Trout Taxidermy Mounts

Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush), is prized as both a food and game fish. Its distribution is New England, the Great Lakes region, and Canada. It is also known to fishermen and fish enthusiasts alike as the mackinaw, namaycush, lake char/charr, touladi, togue, and grey trout. Let our taxidermists handle your Lake Trout taxidermy mount project!

Brown Trout Taxidermy Mounts

Brown Trout, (Salmo trutta) is a beautiful golden-brown and spotted fish that’s natively distributed throughout Europe and West Asia but was also introduced into Canada and the United States in 1883. At All-Taxidermy, our taxidermists focus on preserving the fine details of this species, ensuring that every spot and coloration on your Brown Trout mount is presented in its full splendor.

Trout Taxidermy FAQs

How to taxidermy trout?

As with the taxidermy process of other fish, to taxidermy a trout, you’ll need to follow a very intricate process to properly preserve the fish. First, you’ll need to make a careful incision along the dorsal side to remove its insides while also keeping the external appearance intact. Following the gutting, you’ll apply a preservative solution to the inner body and skin. Next, mount the trout on a form made of foam or similar material that matches its natural shape. Once fixed on this form, the outer body should be sewn up, and the fish left to dry. Further detailing is done to ensure the trout’s appearance is as realistic as possible, including painting and positioning the fins properly.

How to prepare a trout for taxidermy?

First, make sure that your trout is in the best possible condition to undergo the preservation process. Start by catching the trout in a manner that minimizes damage, using wet hands to handle the fish to keep the scales intact. Please note that if you can’t start the taxidermy process immediately, you’ll need to wrap the trout in a damp cloth, place it in a plastic bag, and freeze it. This will preserve the trout’s colors and details until it can be brought to your local taxidermist.

How much to taxidermy a trout?

The cost to taxidermy a trout can vary widely based on several factors, including the size of the trout, the custom design you’re seeking, and whether you have one or multiple fish that will be included in the mount. It’s best to consult with your local taxidermist for the most current pricing.

How long will a taxidermy fish last?

The longevity of a taxidermy fish depends largely on the quality of the work done and the conditions in which the fish is displayed and stored. When done professionally and cared for properly, a taxidermy fish can last for several decades. To extend its life, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, as UV rays can fade the colors. It’s also important to keep the fish in a relatively stable environment, free from extreme humidity or temperature fluctuations. Regular dusting with a soft brush and occasional gentle cleaning can also help maintain its appearance.

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When it comes to preserving your prized catch, look no further than the professional taxidermists at All-Taxidermy. We are committed to quality, attention to detail, and are passionate about bringing your fish taxidermy “to life” to make your trophy look as realistic as possible. No matter if it’s a vibrant Rainbow Trout or a majestic Brown Trout, you can entrust our team to make them last a lifetime! Looking for a different taxidermy mount? Check out our other species here.

Our fish taxidermy is denoted by quality grades, ranging from our museum-ready pieces (Trophy and Superior), to Excellent, Great, Fair, Rustic, to the funny or bizarre Novelty & Oddity. Note that our best work will be labelled with the “First Rate Fish & Reptile Taxidermy” logo. Whether you are looking for existing trout mounts, or you are a fisherman looking for a service, you can rely on All-Taxidermy for the best quality work!