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Bobcat Taxidermy Mounts

Browse our beautiful bobcat mounts. This wily North American cat will make a great addition to your North American mammal taxidermy collection as a wall shoulder mount or a full-body display. All-Taxidermy is a family-owned company that is known for creating life-like and professional work from a wide range of animal species including bobcat, bear, fox, deer, elk, lynx, cougar, and fish taxidermy. We are proud to offer a wide selection of bobcat taxidermy mounts – for sale and ready to ship! All our bobcat mounts are priced competitively.

About the North American Bobcat

Also known as the red lynx, (Lynx rufus), the bobcat is one of North America’s most distinctive predators, making it a great choice for an eye-catching taxidermy display. It is a medium-sized cat (approximately 2x the size of your average house cat) that preys on many different types of rodents, birds, and small game.

The bobcat is a skilled predator that can be found all across the United States of America, in Mexico, and in the lower region of Canada (crossing into the natural region of its cousin, the Canada lynx). There are four species of lynx in total, with the bobcat being the smallest.

Bobcat Taxidermy Mount Cost

For specific details on pricing for your bobcat mount, take a look at our price list. Overall, the type of mount (life-size, shoulder mount, rug, skull, etc.), the position you want, and the size of the bobcat itself will determine how long the job takes.

The longer and more involved the job, the pricier it will be. Our taxidermists will inform you of the details of your project and will give you a cost estimate.

Bobcat Taxidermy Mounts Positions

There are several options to choose from when it comes to bobcat mount positions:

  1. Sitting: The sitting position shows your bobcat in a serene state. This is a great choice if you want to show off the fur and watchful eyes of this wily, masterful hunter. While perhaps not as popular as a laying or standing position, a sitting stance is nevertheless a unique way to show off a bobcat’s beauty. Our taxidermists will get the proportions and expression correct on your bobcat!
  2. Laying: If you want your bobcat to look like it’s resting after a hunt, the laying position is another popular option. This stance is relaxed and has the advantage of fitting in several locations around the home. Have your bobcat resting on log or among brush – it makes for an eye-catching wall mount!
  3. Standing: From a simple standing position to a hunting stance, there are several ways to create this position. Ask our taxidermists about adding a custom habitat to your standing bobcat mount. You can make your bobcat stalk its prey, run, or stand tall on a rock or log. As the standing position is the most popular choice, it is widely created and has many options to choose from. Our taxidermists will recreate the natural beauty of this small yet magnificent North American cat!
  4. Skull: We also have Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skulls that represent the beauty of this cat’s jaw, teeth, and overall skull. Bobcats are exceptional hunters, so a high quality beetle-cleaned skull is the perfect way to nod to this animal’s hunting abilities. Add a bobcat skull to your office desk or cabin bookshelf!
  5. Pelt: Lastly, some hunters like the simplicity of a bobcat pelt or rug. Taxidermy and hunting enthusiasts alike can appreciate the quality of the bobcat’s fur when it’s made into a pelt. Our bobcat rugs can be fully displayed with the paws/claws tail, and head, or you can opt for the simple fur/pelt/hide. Contact us for more details for pricing and length of time for a pelt project!

About All-Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is a small, family-owned company in Wrightstown, WI. Our bobcat taxidermy specialists proudly offer superior service and products for more than five years. Throughout our history, we have evolved from a small taxidermy shop to a large Ecommerce store. We continue to be proud of providing exceptional products and services to customers both local and nationwide.

No matter the size of the project (whether it’s a chipmunk, moose, or bobcat!) we infuse the same level of care into doing the job right and making the finished taxidermy mount look like a work of art. We can custom create the bobcat that you’re looking for, along with a custom habitat and prey. Check out some of our big cat taxidermy mount ideas here.

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