Goat Taxidermy Mounts

All-Taxidermy is your source for high quality taxidermy pieces that display the majestic Mountain goat, Chamois, Catalina goat, various species of Ibex, and many other different types of wild goat. Each piece demonstrates the highest quality – many of which are museum-ready pieces. From shoulder mounts that show off the animal’s horns, to full-body pieces with a custom habitat, you are sure to find what you’re looking for on our website.

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Wild Goat Taxidermy

Our wild goat and taxidermy demonstrates superb craftsmanship. In fact, our website’s best pieces will be labeled by our Global Exotic category (European, Asian, and African mammals), or our Olympic Big Game Taxidermy collection (North American mammals). There are quite a few different species that you’ll find on our website.

Or, if you are a hunter, you’ll want to check out our pricing here and talk to us about having us perform the taxidermy service for you. We can prepare any wild goat skull, rug, wall mount, or full-size mount you need. Let our team make your North American or Asian wild goat taxidermy come to life!

Mountain Goat Taxidermy

One of the most majestic wild goat taxidermy pieces you can add to your North American taxidermy collection is the Mountain goat. This species is native to North America, and they are known for their agility, being able to easily climb and dwell on harsh, rocky terrain. They can even traverse higher altitudes and are found even above the tree lines. The Mountain goat is characterized by thick, white fur, and distinctive darkly-colored curved horns that can grow up to 10 inches. Their white fur helps them to blend into their surroundings and protect them from predators. The Mountain goat is an herbivore, feeding on grass, leaves, and lichen.

Check out all of our Mountain goat taxidermy pieces today! From the white fur and distinctive horns, to the animal’s size, this wild goat mount can be a focal point for your home, cabin, shop, museum, or office!

Ibex Taxidermy

Looking for Ibex taxidermy? You’ll notice that we have several species of ibex available on our website. These include the European Alps-native Alpine (Capra ibex), the Middle-Eastern Bezoar (Capra aegagrus aegagrus), the desert-dwelling Nubian (Capra nubiana), the Iran-native Persian (Capra aegagrus), the Asian Siberian (Capra sibirica), and the Spanish Iberian (Capra pyrenaica), which are broken down by category in order to make your search easier.

Ibex are characterized by their large, spiral horns that can grow to an impressive length of 3 feet. These wild goats are native to many different mountainous regions in Europe, central Asia, and the northern parts of Africa. Like the Mountain goat, the Ibex can climb and thrive in difficult terrain and can navigate steep slopes with ease, thanks to their sturdy legs and broad hooves. Ibex also blend into their surroundings, having usually brown or gray fur.

Browse our Ibex taxidermy online! We have several subcategories available for you to easily navigate to find the particular subspecies you’re interested in. For example, if you’re searching for Alpine Ibex specifically, you’ll find we have a specific category just for that type of Ibex.

Chamois Taxidermy

One of the world’s most exotic wild goats is the Chamois, (Rupicapra rupicapra), a bovid native to the mountainous regions of Europe and central Asia. More specifically, it is native to the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathians, Tatra Mountains, the Balkans, the Caucasus, the Apennines, parts of Turkey, and has even been introduced to New Zealand’s South Island.

The Chamois is a unique wild goat-antelope mammal, known for its excellent agility, reddish-brown coat, black and white facial markings, and short horns. It is not considered a true antelope, but a caprine, or a goat-antelope. This animal is capable of jumping high (approximately 6.5 ft.) and across long distances (approximately 19.5 ft.). It’s agility helps protect it from predators and makes it easier for the goat to navigate difficult terrain. Chamois taxidermy is a great addition if you enjoy collecting Eurasian mammals!

Other Types of Wild Goat Taxidermy

In addition to the Mountain Goat of the Americas, and the Ibex and Chamois of Europe, Asia, and Africa, you’ll also find Catalina goats, Cashmere goats, Himalayan Tahrs, Caucasian Turs, Spanish goats, and other species of wild goat and sheep.

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