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Boar & Hog Taxidermy Mounts

Hunters and taxidermy enthusiasts alike will appreciate displaying one of nature’s most remarkable creatures in their taxidermy collection – the boar. A well-preserved and designed boar taxidermy display preserves and showcases wild boar in all their glory, offering enthusiasts a chance to appreciate these animals up close, long after their time in the wild has ended. With our boar taxidermy mounts, your cabin, living room, dining area, or family room will look stunning.

Our best wild pig or boar mount pieces are denoted by the “Excellent,” “Superior,” and “Trophy” quality grades, and the “Olympic Big Game” and “Global Exotic” taxidermy badges. Boar taxidermy species in this category include the fierce Russian Boar, African Warthog, African Bush Pig, and Peccary, and taxidermy options include majestic life size mounts, shoulder mounts, skulls, tusks, and more!

Shop Boar Taxidermy Online

The best of boar taxidermy is available at your fingertips at All-Taxidermy. Browse our collection of unique and high quality wild boar taxidermy. Our boar mount taxidermists offer everything from shoulder mounts to life-sized taxidermy trophies with custom habitats and even intricately preserved skulls and tusks (more on European mounts here). Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newbie, shopping for boar mounts online in our store provides you with options and convenience like never before.

Different Species of Boar Taxidermy:

Russian Hog Taxidermy

The Russian hog, also known as the Russian wild boar, or razor back, is a powerful and aggressive wild pig that’s native to Europe and Asia. Noted for their dense fur and long, curved tusks, these animals present a unique challenge and allure for taxidermists. Given their fierce appearance, many opt for full-bodied mounts to capture their impressive stance and demeanor. Shoulder mounts, on the other hand, emphasize their massive heads and sharp tusks. Browse our Russian boar taxidermy online today.

African Warthog Taxidermy

Hakuna Matata. Easily one of the most recognized wild pigs in the world, the African warthog, is characterized by distinct tusks. This pig thrives in the grassland, savannah, and woodland regions of Africa. While working with an African warthog specimen, our taxidermists focus on emphasizing the animal’s unique features, especially its protruding tusks. Life-sized mounts capture the warthog in a dynamic pose, reflecting its behavior in the wild, while tusk displays showcase the incredible dental structure of this fascinating wild pig.

African Bush Pig Taxidermy

The African bush pig, a nocturnal dweller of Africa’s forests and dense brush, is a lesser-known but equally captivating subject for taxidermy. With a compact body and a tufted ridge of hair along its back, it has a distinctive appearance that makes it the perfect addition for any African taxidermy collection. Shoulder mounts and skulls of the African bush pig are popular choices for those wanting to add something a little different and lesser known to their collection.

Peccary Taxidermy

Peccaries, often mistaken for pigs, roam the Americas. These herd animals are equipped with sharp tusks. Taxidermists working on peccaries focus on their strong, compact build and dense fur, bringing out the essence of these creatures that have roamed from the southwestern United States to Argentina. Whether crafted into a shoulder mount, displaying their expressive faces, or as a full mount, capturing their social nature, peccary taxidermy is another solid choice for your taxidermy collection!

Javelina Taxidermy

Javelinas, or collared peccaries, dwell in the Southwestern region of North America. With their coarse hair, barrel-shaped bodies, and a white band of fur resembling a collar, they are also a unique and lesser-known species to add to your taxidermy collection, but are nevertheless a cool addition! Capturing the javelina’s essence requires a keen eye for detail, with shoulder mounts emphasizing their facial features and full mounts highlighting their typical behaviors, such as foraging or interacting. Shop javelina taxidermy here, or contact our taxidermists with any questions you may have.

Boar Taxidermy FAQs

New to boar mounts and wild pig taxidermy? Not a problem! Check out some of some of the most common questions we get about this species:

How to taxidermy a boar head?

The process of preserving a boar head involves several steps. First, the head is skinned, with care taken to avoid damaging the facial features. The skin is then treated with a preserving solution. Once prepared, it’s mounted on a form that mimics the boar’s anatomical structure. The eyes, mouth, and other features are adjusted for a lifelike appearance. Due to the complexity of the wild pig or boar mount process, it’s recommended to seek professional taxidermists with experience in boar specimens.

How much does it cost to taxidermy a wild boar?

The cost to taxidermy a wild boar can vary significantly based on factors such as: the type and size of the mount, whether you’re instead interested in a skull or a tusk customization, and the level of experience of the taxidermist. On average, prices can range from $500 to $2,000+. It’s always best to consult with multiple taxidermists to get quotes and assess their previous work to ensure quality. For the most up-to-date pricing for your boar taxidermy piece, please take a look at our price list here.

How to prepare a boar hide for taxidermy?

If you’re a DIYer, following the hunt, you’ll need to prepare a boar hide for taxidermy right away. Start by skinning the boar as soon after the kill as possible to prevent decomposition. Clean the hide by removing all flesh and fat, then salt it generously to draw out moisture. Let the hide sit for 24 hours, and then shake off the old salt and reapply a new layer. After several days, rinse the hide and soak it in a tanning solution. Once tanned, it’s ready for mounting or further preservation. Check out our Field Care 101 article for a more in-depth guide, or check with our team for more info.

How to clean taxidermy boar heads?

To clean a taxidermy boar head, first, carefully remove dust using a soft brush or cloth. For deeper cleaning, use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution, gently wiping the fur and features. Avoid soaking the specimen. For the tusks and teeth, a mild toothpaste or baking soda can help restore shine. Always ensure the boar head dries completely after cleaning to prevent mold or deterioration.

Shop Boar Mounts with All-Taxidermy

Let All-Taxidermy be your source for boar mounts and various species of wild pig taxidermy. At our taxidermy store, we understand the profound connection between hunter and prey, the respect for nature, and the artistry required in the taxidermy process. We are a family-owned company headquartered in Wrightstown, WI, and proudly provide professional taxidermy services to both local and nationwide customers. Check out all our other taxidermy mounts here to see all other animal species. We do deer, bear, big cats, wolves, foxes, buffalo, birds, fish, reptiles, and more.

Whether you’re in search of Russian boar taxidermy or wild pig taxidermy, our skilled team is committed to delivering European, African, or American taxidermy masterpieces that will last a lifetime. If you’re a hog hunter or a taxidermy enthusiast, you can trust in All-Taxidermy’s expertise. Let us turn your boar into a trophy that you’ll be proud of!

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