Skunk Taxidermy Mounts

Looking for skunk taxidermy to add to your North American mammal collection? Our skunk taxidermy mounts depict this small mammal on all fours, inside a den, with a custom habitat, standing on its front legs in a defense pose, or lying down with its tail curled around its body. You can even have your skunk made into a pelt for a more unique taxidermy display.

Browse all our skunk taxidermy mounts online here, or please call us with questions at 888-983-3886 and we’ll be happy to help you. Most skunks you’ll find in this category are of the striped skunk subspecies.

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Our skunk taxidermy is available in Superior, Trophy, Excellent, and Great condition, with Superior and Trophy representing our finest, most detailed pieces. Each skunk taxidermy mount is crafted with a great level of detail, bringing this small black and white mammal to life. We also have Novelty & Oddity skunk mounts, which represent the mammal in a unique or unnatural stance, usually for humor.

Whether you are a hunter who shot a skunk recently, or you are just browsing for some skunk taxidermy online, All-Taxidermy can assist you! We are local, expert taxidermists based in Wrightstown, WI, but we also serve customers nationwide. Contact us here for more information about how we can serve you.

About the Striped Skunk

The striped skunk is a small, black and white weasel-like mammal that is native to Canada, the United States, and the northern parts of Mexico. It was formerly classified as a subfamily of the weasel family, however, it is now a part of its own family, Mephitidae, which includes both skunks and stink badgers. The striped skunk, (Mephitis mephitis) is usually what comes to mind when one thinks of a skunk.

The striped skunk is about the size of a house cat, with adults growing anywhere from 18-32 inches long, and weighing up to 12-13 pounds. They have black fur and a distinctive white “V” down the back, and a white stripe on their muzzle. However, the most identifiable characteristic of the skunk is its extremely strong and unpleasant odor, located in its two anal scent glands, which it emits whenever it feels threatened. Whenever a skunk is defending itself, it will raise its tail and perform a handstand just before spraying at their predator.

Other Skunk Species

There are ten official subspecies of skunk, four of which dwell in North America. Besides the striped skunk listed here on our website, there are hooded skunks, American hog-nosed skunks, striped hog-nosed skunks, Humboldt’s hog-nosed skunks, Molina’s hog-nosed skunks, spotted skunks (Western, Eastern, and Southern), and pygmy spotted skunks. For the most part, the striped skunk will be the species you’ll find on our website, although we may add another species like the spotted skunk every now and then.

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With years of experience providing taxidermy services for large and small mammals alike, you can trust our experts to bring your skunk to life with professional, highly skilled taxidermy services. You can also shop all our taxidermy mounts online here to check out some of our other North American mammals. These include red and gray fox species, mountain lions, raccoons, porcupines, coyotes, wolves, elk, white tailed deer, moose, bison, wolverines, various species of squirrels, and more.

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