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Whitetail Deer Mounts

All-Taxidermy is a premier whitetail deer taxidermy service. All-Taxidermy offers a variety of custom whitetail deer mounts, from shoulder to European mounts. Contact All-Taxidermy to discuss your custom deer mount pose and habitat design to create a true one of a kind piece, or to purchase one of our mounts.

Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Mount Process

There are several steps to creating the perfect whitetail deer mount. Whether you are looking for a whitetail deer taxidermy, mule deer taxidermy, or any kind of deer taxidermy, it is important to choose a taxidermist that is skilled and knowledgeable in creating the perfect deer mount. Below is an overview of the process that All-Taxidermy follows to ensure the best mounts possible.


Once you have decided what kind of whitetail deer mount you want, the next step is to measure out the area of the deer’s head, neck, and some portion of the chest with the deer skull. These measurements will be a vital step to ensure the taxidermy mount comes out as expected.


Caping is the process of removing the skin from the whitetail deer to create the taxidermy mount. The measurements will help to identify the proper areas to cut.


The next step in our creative process is to treat the skin. Treating the skin means to soak the skin in a solution. This process is used to preserve the skin and give it a natural, leather-like finish that can be easily maintained.


The next step after tanning is to clean the skin to ensure that no unwanted dirt remains. Once cleaned, the skin can be stitched together to cover any lingering holes. This is important for covering gunshot wounds and holes created during the hunting process.


Casting is where the mounting kits are used to give the whitetail deer hide volume to recreate its original form. This part is where the skills of the taxidermist shine through. Trying to create a smooth whitetail deer mount that needs little maintenance after mounting is one of the goals of any taxidermist.

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