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Whitetail Deer Mounts

At All-Taxidermy, our expert whitetail deer taxidermists can craft the perfect life size, shoulder mount, antlers, skull, or custom taxidermy piece. We understand that each whitetail deer mount tells a story – your hunting story. No matter if it’s your first buck you’ve shot, or your 20th, we can create a beautiful taxidermy piece that highlights its antlers and reflects the true nature of the animal.

Or, browse our already made whitetail deer taxidermy below! Contact All-Taxidermy today to discuss your custom whitetail deer mount pose and habitat design. Questions? Give our team a call today at (888) 983-3886.

Shop Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Online

No matter if you’re looking for a taxidermy piece that’s all set to go, or you have a buck you’ve just shot, our taxidermists can assist you. Our whitetail deer taxidermy pieces range from shoulder mounts, to life size mounts, to antlers, skulls, and hides. Shop whitetail deer taxidermy online with All-Taxidermy today.

Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mounts

Every hunter needs to have a whitetail deer shoulder mount in their living room or on their cabin wall. Investing in a whitetail deer shoulder mount is a great way to show off the antlers and overall stance and beauty of the animal. In fact, a male whitetail deer can have a symmetrical set of antlers with 6, 8, or 10 points, however antlers can develop into a wide range of formations. We detail deer antlers more in our article about different types of deer species antlers.

A well-made whitetail deer shoulder mount will show off amazing detail in the hide, facial features, and antlers. Action postures for a whitetail deer shoulder mount include: upright, semi upright, semi sneak, and sneak.

Whitetail Deer Full Size Mounts

Although a whitetail deer full size mount is a more expensive alternative, it’s an investment worth considering if you have the space for it in your taxidermy collection. Any whitetail deer mount enthusiast will enjoy adding one (or two) whitetail deer with a custom habitat to the corner or central focal point in their room.

Our taxidermists can craft a whitetail life size taxidermy mount with a buck running, or a doe standing upright and grazing. There are dozens of ways you can choose to have your whitetail deer positioned. Just give All-Taxidermy a call and we will be happy to help discuss your project. Here are some deer mount ideas to help you get started.

Whitetail Deer Skulls, Antlers & European Mounts

If you’re looking for a Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skull from All-Taxidermy, we provide quality beetle cleaning services that retain the beauty and integrity of your whitetail deer skulls. Alternatively, you can choose to just show off the beauty of the deer’s antler(s). Display a whitetail deer’s antler on your office desk, bookshelf, or on your wall.

Another popular option that deer hunting, nature, and taxidermy enthusiasts opt for is the European mount. This is a wall mount that showcases the deer’s skull and antlers. More information here in our guide to European mounts.

About the Whitetail Deer

The whitetail deer (Odocoileus virginianus), is widespread across North America, and it can also be found in parts of Central and South America as well. It has a conservation status of Least Concern, and there are at least 26 subspecies of whitetail deer found in Oregon, Kansas, the Great Lakes area, Virginia, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Mexico, Panama, French Guiana, and Northern Brazil.

Whitetail Deer Taxidermy FAQs

Below are some frequently asked questions about whitetail deer mounts:

How to skin a whitetail deer for taxidermy?

The process involved for skinning a whitetail deer is to first measure out the area of the deer’s head, neck, and some portion of the chest with the deer skull. These measurements will be important for ensuring that the taxidermy mount comes out as expected. Caping is the process of removing the skin from the whitetail deer to create the taxidermy mount. The measurements will help to identify the proper areas to cut. Next is treating the skin. This involves soaking the skin in a solution to preserve and give it a natural, leather-like finish that can be easily maintained. More information in our how to properly field dress a deer.

How to mount whitetail deer antlers?

The first step is to prepare the antlers, which involves cutting the antlers from the skull and cleaning the flesh off the skull. Then, you’ll choose the wood that you want for the mount. There are a range of beautiful woods you can choose from, including pine, oak, walnut, and cherry. Design, trace, cut out, and stain the wood. Next, you’ll drill holes into the skull plate and secure the antlers to the plaque. Lastly, cover the bone and hang your finished mount. More info on this process can be found in this how to mount antlers article. If you have any questions on this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at All-Taxidermy.

How much is a full body mount for a whitetail deer?

For a full body whitetail deer mount, you should expect to pay around $3,000 or more. However, ultimately, the final cost will depend on the size, age, and gender of the animal, whether you want a custom habitat included, and if there is more than one animal in the display. For an actual breakdown of whitetail deer taxidermy cost, please take a look at our price list here. We keep our prices up-to-date for life size pieces, shoulder mounts, skulls, and more.

What are the different mounts for whitetail deer?

There are multiple different poses you can choose for your whitetail deer buck, whether as a life-size, full body mount, wall pedestal, or shoulder mount. Some choices include: upright, with the buck standing alert; semi-upright, which looks a bit more relaxed; semi-sneak, which gives the impression that the buck is walking through the woods; and full-sneak, which indicates a buck chasing a doe or being pursued. Besides whitetail deer mounts, other taxidermy options include deer antlers, skulls, hides, and hooves – which can be custom made to your liking.

Why Choose Us for Whitetail Deer Taxidermy?

When it comes to whitetail deer taxidermy mounts, we don’t skip the details! In fact, we take pride in every deer mount project we handle. At All-Taxidermy, we know that it can take months to craft the perfect piece that reflects the pride and joy that went into your hunting experience. Besides whitetail deer, we also handle mule, fallow, and other types of deer. Please see our main deer taxidermy category page for a complete list of other deer species.

As you browse whitetail deer mounts online, you’ll notice our quality grade badges, which indicate the quality and accuracy for each piece. Trophy and Superior grade represents our best whitetail buck taxidermy pieces, and the Olympic Big Game Taxidermy logo indicates our most exquisite museum quality work. With decades of combined experience under our belt and a commitment to excellent customer service, All-Taxidermy is here to serve you. Let our taxidermy store be your resource for all things whitetail deer taxidermy! Questions? contact our team today.

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