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Swan Taxidermy Mounts

Are you a taxidermy enthusiast looking for bird taxidermy mounts? At All-Taxidermy, we offer high-quality taxidermy mounts for sale from a wide range of animal species including mule deer mounts, bobcat taxidermy, and fish taxidermy. Shop our selection of bird taxidermy, including upland bird species such as Pheasants, Ruffed & Sharptail Grouse, Quail, Mallard Duck, and other bird species of North America.

Our bird taxidermy is created by the appreciation for wildlife, and has evolved into one of the largest waterfowl and upland bird taxidermy collections. A continuous effort is being made to bring new and innovative ideas to enhance their quality and diversity. Our taxidermists put a lot of care in the quality of our craftsmanship so that you receive a high quality bird taxidermy mount.

Turkey Taxidermy

Turkey taxidermy is among the most popular of North American animal mounts. This magnificent bird, (Meleagris gallopavo), native to North America, is the ancestor of the domestic turkey, and is related to pheasants, partridges, and grouse. The North American turkey, is of course, associated with the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Turkeys are a favorite game among hunters.

The male turkey is characterized by a recognizable bright red snood with massive brown and white plumage, particularly during courtship. Wild turkeys live between three and five years in the wild. An adult male may weigh between 11 and 24 pounds, while a female may weigh anywhere between 5.5 to 12 pounds.

At All-Taxidermy, we have life-size turkey mounts, wall mounts with a turkey in flight, and other turkey taxidermy pieces which showcase the beauty of this bird.

Pheasant Taxidermy

Looking for pheasant taxidermy online? Ring-necked pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) were introduced to North America in the 1880s. Pheasants are one of the most popular upland game birds that hunters shoot. This bird has beautiful, distinctive feathers and tail which make it an extraordinary trophy for taxidermy enthusiasts who enjoy a North American animal or bird collection. Male pheasants are called “cocks,” while females are called “hens.”

On our website, you’re likely to find pheasant mounts, including a pheasant in mid-flight on a wall mount, or standing in a full-body mount with a natural habitat, hiding among some brush. This distinctive, highly sought-after bird is also a popular animal to receive taxidermy preparation. Please contact us to get a quote today for your pheasant taxidermy.

Grouse Taxidermy

Looking for grouse taxidermy online? Browse grouse mounts like the Ruffed Grouse and Sharptail (Sharp-tailed or also Fire) Grouse species. Regardless of the species, grouse have beautiful, naturally-colored feathers, and are another favorite of hunting enthusiasts. The brown plumage helps the grouse to blend into its surroundings, helping to protect it against predators.

Some of our beautiful grouse taxidermy pieces showcase this bird in mid-flight or standing near some natural brush or rock in a full-body mount with a habitat. Shop our grouse mounts, or bring in your game and we can prepare it for you. You’ll be proud to display your Ruffed or Sharptail Grouse in your bird collection! Contact us today for grouse taxidermy services.

Duck Taxidermy

Looking for professional duck taxidermy services? The Mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) is found in the Americas, Eurasia, North Africa, and has been introduced to other areas. The male Mallard duck has a distinctive green coloration on their head and neck, and also visually striking gray, brown, white and iridescent blue features which make them stand out from the females, which are largely brown and white. The colors of this duck species make this bird a favorite among hunters and taxidermy enthusiasts. You may also find New Zealand Paradise ducks or other species on our website. Browse duck mounts online today.

Hunters enjoy hunting duck, not only because of the beautiful taxidermy, but also because duck meat tastes excellent! If you have recently shot a Mallard duck, bring it to our taxidermy experts and we can prepare it for you with a careful eye and attention to detail in the craftsmanship. In addition, we’ll provide tips for how to best care for your duck taxidermy. Contact us today for duck taxidermy services.

Caring for Bird Taxidermy Mounts

Taking care of your bird mounts will ensure the longest life possible of your taxidermy mount. The first step in taking care of your bird taxidermy is to dust it with a damp cloth or with compressed air. Avoid putting your bird mount in direct sunlight, as this will fade the mount’s colors over time. Be sure to discuss bird taxidermy care and handling and hanging with your local taxidermist.

About All-Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is a small, family-owned company that has been providing superior service for the past five years. We infuse the same level of pride and care into doing the job right. Our team tries hard to make our bird taxidermy services available to everyone, and we strive to complete every job in the shortest time frame possible, without compromising aesthetic requirements. That means you can expect your product to be shipped at the soonest date possible, and to arrive with the most professionally-done look.