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Jackalope Taxidermy Mounts

Looking for a unique addition to your taxidermy collection? One of the world’s most iconic mythological creatures is the Jackalope – a mix of the Jackrabbit and buck. The jackalope taxidermy on our website is part of our Novelty & Oddity collection, which includes all our unique, humorous, or mythological taxidermy pieces.

If you have questions about our Jackalope taxidermy mounts, please reach out to our team at (888) 983-3886 or contact us here.

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Looking for Jackalope taxidermy online? Let our taxidermy store be your source for unique life size and shoulder mounts that depict unique creatures like the Jackalope, Minotaur, and Unicorn.

History of the Jackalope

The mythical Jackalope creature is a well-known creature in American folklore. It’s essentially a Jackrabbit depicted with antlers from a male deer or Pronghorn antelope. The history of the Jackalope is thought to have originated in the American West, with sightings reported as early as the 1800s.

Some believe the Jackalope was created as a hoax by cowboys. Others think the Jackalope’s origins came from sightings of rabbits with tumors that resembled antlers. Douglas Herrick is credited with creating the Jackalope.

Despite its mythical origins, the Jackalope has become a popular icon of Western folklore. Taxidermy mounts of the creature are always a fun addition to taxidermy enthusiast’s collections.

How Jackalope Taxidermy Mounts are Made

Taxidermists create Jackalope mounts by carefully preserving the rabbit’s skin and attaching antlers. The process involves removing the internal organs, bones, and flesh, and then stretching and tanning the skin over a form made of foam or other materials.

There are two main types of Jackalope mounts that you’ll find on our website: life-size and shoulder mounts. Life-size mounts depict the full body of the rabbit. These are perfect for bookshelves, office desks, a dining room table, etc.

If you prefer shoulder mounts, we also have lots of options available. Some of our shoulder mounts include both a buck and doe Jackalope, making for an endearing display for your cabin wall.

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