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Antelope Taxidermy Mounts

Are you looking to round out your African or Asian taxidermy collection with a beautiful antelope taxidermy mount(s)? At All-Taxidermy, we have a wide range of antelope taxidermy shoulder mounts, European mounts, skulls, and life size mounts which depict many different species. You’ll find the Greater Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala, Water Buck, Eland, Hartebeest, Blesbok, Reedbuck, Duiker, and other antelope.

Have a question about our antelope and gazelle taxidermy? Please contact our taxidermists online or give us a call directly at (888) 983-3886 and we’ll be happy to assist you with your questions!

Shop Antelope Taxidermy Mounts Online

All-Taxidermy is your local and online source for many different species of African and Asian antelope and gazelle! From the huge Eland to the much smaller Duiker, your office, shop, or museum isn’t complete without at least a few antelope taxidermy mount displays. Our shoulder mounts and European mounts are well-suited for showing off the animal’s unique pair of horns – meanwhile, full size mounts are perfect for displaying in the middle or corner of your room.

All-Taxidermy’s best museum-ready antelope taxidermy mount pieces are denoted with the Excellent, Superior, and Trophy badges and our own Global Exotic Taxidermy logo. These trophies represent the best quality taxidermy work possible. At All-Taxidermy, our team cares about every detail of the antelope’s facial feature and horns. Shop antelope mounts online today!

Antelope Shoulder & Life Size Mounts

Antelope shoulder mounts make sense for those seeking to collect many different species of antelope, or for those who just want to conserve on space. A beautifully-made antelope shoulder mount is also the perfect option for showing off the detail of the animal’s facial features, markings, horns, and expression.

If you’re interested in investing in a larger antelope taxidermy mount, then you should consider a full-body life size mount. Whether it’s a small, medium, or even large species, an antelope or gazelle taxidermy mount will look stunning in the center of your room! Contact us for information about custom habitats and more.

Antelope European Mounts & Skulls

European mounts and skulls show off the antelope’s skull and horns. This option is perfect for displaying on a shelf or bookcase, or in the case of a European mount, on the wall. For skulls and European mounts, our taxidermists utilize the Dermestid beetle cleaning process. For more information about European mounts, check out our European Mount Guide here.

Shop Antelope Taxidermy Species

There are currently 91 species of antelope in the world. While the majority are native to the continent of Africa, some species also reside in the Middle East and Asia. The size and shape of each species varies quite a bit – the largest antelope in the world is the Giant Eland (standing at 4 ft. tall), while the smallest antelope is the Royal Antelope (standing at only 10″ in height).

Blackbuck Taxidermy Mounts

The Blackbuck antelope, scientifically known as Antilope cervicapra, is a moderately-sized species found on the Indian subcontinent and is classified with a conservation status of Least Concern. This species is divided into two subspecies: the Indian Blackbuck, which inhabits India, and the Himalayan Blackbuck, which lives in the natural habitats of Nepal and Pakistan.

For those with an interest in nature and the art of taxidermy, our website offers a variety of Blackbuck taxidermy pieces. These include full-body and shoulder mounts, wall and pedestal mounts, European-style mounts, which showcase their distinctive brown and white patterns and elegantly twisted horns.

Eland Taxidermy Mounts

Eland taxidermy pieces capture the essence of the largest antelope species, known for their impressive size and distinctive features. These majestic creatures, which roam the savannas and plains of Africa, are a subject of fascination for both nature enthusiasts and taxidermy collectors. Our website showcases a diverse collection of Eland taxidermy, offering options that include full-body mounts, shoulder mounts, wall pedestal mounts, and European mounts.

Each piece highlights the Eland’s unique characteristics, from their spiral horns to their subtle coat patterns. Our experienced taxidermists provide a wide array of customization possibilities, enabling clients to tailor their displays with individual animals or groups, incorporate custom landscapes, and more, ensuring each Eland taxidermy piece perfectly complements your space and style.

Gemsbok Taxidermy Mounts

Gemsbok taxidermy showcases the striking beauty and resilience of this desert antelope, known for its long, sharp horns and striking black and while facial markings. Native to the arid regions of Southern Africa, the Gemsbok is admired for its robust build and distinctive appearance. Our collection of Gemsbok taxidermy on the website offers an array of Gemsbok taxidermy options, including lifelike full-body mounts, shoulder mounts, wall pedestal mounts, and traditional European mounts.

Each piece is crafted to highlight the Gemsbok’s remarkable features, such as its distinctive horn structure and the unique patterns on its coat. Our skilled taxidermists provide extensive customization options, allowing for the inclusion of single or multiple specimens in a display, the addition of a custom-designed habitat setting, and more!

Hartebeest Taxidermy Mounts

This African antelope is characterized by its long face, high shoulders, and sharply pointed horns. Inhabiting the grasslands and savannahs across Africa, the Hartebeest is known for its unique physique and vibrant coat. Our website offers a diverse selection of Hartebeest taxidermy pieces, ranging from dynamic full-body taxidermy and sophisticated shoulder mounts, to striking wall pedestal and classic European mounts.

Each Hartebeest taxidermy piece is meticulously crafted to showcase the Hartebeest’s notable attributes, emphasizing its sleek horns and the rich textures of its hide. Our expert taxidermists offer a broad spectrum of customization options, such as integrating custom scenic habitats.

Impala Taxidermy Mounts

Impala antelope taxidermy artfully captures the elegance and grace of this medium-sized African species. The Impala is well known for its slender build and lyre-shaped horns. Our website features an exquisite collection of Impala taxidermy, including life-like full-body mounts that showcase their agile poses, refined shoulder mounts that focus on the intricate details of their heads and horns, elegant wall pedestal mounts, and classic European mounts.

Our skilled antelope taxidermy team is dedicated to providing a wide range of customization options for your Impala taxidermy. You can customize with multiple Impalas in one taxidermy piece, add a custom habitat, add a predator, and more.

Kudu Taxidermy Mounts

Kudu antelope taxidermy splendidly showcases the majesty and serene beauty of this large African antelope, renowned for its striking spiral horns and elegant, striped coat. Dwelling in the bushlands and forests of Africa, the Kudu is a symbol of the continent’s rich wildlife, captivating nature and taxidermy enthusiasts alike.

Our website offers a wide array of Kudu taxidermy, including magnificent full-body mounts that depict the animal in its natural grace, sophisticated shoulder mounts emphasizing the intricate details of their heads and majestic horns, impressive wall pedestal mounts, and traditional European mounts. Similar species to the Kudu are the Lesser Kudu and the Nyala.

Springbok Taxidermy Mounts

Springbok taxidermy elegantly captures the essence and vibrancy of this small, swift antelope, celebrated for its distinctive pronking (or stotting) behavior and striking appearance. Pronking or stotting refers to the sprinting behavior where all four legs of the animal are high in the air and besides the Springbok, it also occurs in various species of antelope and deer. Native to the southern African plains, the Springbok is a symbol of agility and beauty, with its unique brown and white coloring and distinctive, lyre-shaped horns.

Our website showcases a wide variety of Springbok taxidermy, featuring dynamic full-body mounts that convey their energy and grace, refined shoulder mounts that highlight the delicate features of their faces and horns, sleek wall pedestal mounts, and classic European mounts, which focus on the clean white skull and horns.

Waterbuck Taxidermy Mounts

Waterbuck taxidermy masterfully captures the robust and distinctive character of this large African antelope, known for its shaggy coat, long, spiral horns, and white ring around its rump. The Waterbuck inhabits the grassland and woodland areas near water sources across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our website includes majestic full-body mounts that highlight the animal’s impressive stature, to dignified shoulder mounts that showcase the intricate details of their heads and horns, elegant wall pedestal mounts, traditional European mounts, and luxurious pelts that emphasize the Waterbuck’s dense, water-repellent coat.

Wildebeest Taxidermy Mounts

Our Wildebeest taxidermy includes two distinct subspecies, the Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) and the Black Wildebeest (Connochaetes gnou). Each antelope taxidermy mount from these two species are unique. The Blue Wildebeest, with its slate-colored coat and broad, curved horns, roams the plains and open woodlands of eastern and southern Africa. In contrast, the Black Wildebeest, characterized by its dark brown or black coat and sharply curved horns, primarily inhabits the grasslands of southern Africa.

Our website features an extensive collection of Wildebeest taxidermy, including imposing full-body mounts that capture the dynamic essence of their migrations, elegant shoulder mounts that detail the distinct horn shapes and facial features of each subspecies, striking wall pedestal mounts, and classic European mounts.

Other Antelope Species

All-Taxidermy is your source for antelope taxidermy across the continents of Africa and Asia. Besides the ones listed above, these also include the Blesbok, Bushbuck, Duiker, Tibetan Gazelle, Grysbok, Klipspringer, Lechwe, Nilgai, Nyala, Reedbuck, Sable, Sitatunga, Steinbok, Thompson’s Gazelle, Topi, Tsessebe, and the Vaal Rhebok.

Why Choose All-Taxidermy?

Why choose our taxidermy store for antelope mounts? Our taxidermists have years of experience working with various African and Asian mammals around the world, including antelopes and gazelles. Our antelope and gazelle taxidermy is second-to-none, with many of pieces being museum-ready. If you have any questions about our taxidermy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (888) 983-3886, or by contacting us online. Browse all our taxidermy mounts online today!

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