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Bear Skulls

If you are a bear hunter, or are, in general, a bear taxidermy enthusiast, you may like the option of preserving its skull. Bear skulls make a great taxidermy display sitting on your office desk, or mounted on a wall. At All-Taxidermy, we have a large selection of Grizzly, black, or brown bear skulls. Questions? Please reach out to our team with any inquires about our bear skulls.

Grizzly, Brown, & Black Bear Skulls

At All-Taxidermy, we have a fantastic selection of bear skulls. Find bear species and subspecies such as the Grizzly, Black, Brown, Alaskan Kodiak, and Russian Brown bear. Bear are magnificent mammals. Your taxidermy collection simply is not complete until you have added a bear rug, life size bear taxidermy mount, or skull to your North American mammals collection.

These big-game predators are omnivorous, and eat fish, rodents, roots, fruits, berries, deer, and elk alike. Their powerful jaws and large skull make a bear skull a great way to remember your bear hunt when you see it sitting on your office desk. Please browse our online selection of Grizzly bear skulls, black bear skulls, brown bear skulls, and more on our website.

How to Measure a Bear Skull?

Measuring a bear skull is a straightforward process. For the length, you can use calipers to measure from the base, or you can measure from the back of the bear’s skull to the tip of its nose (minus the lower jaw). For the width, you measure from the cheek to the other cheek. Then, add the two measurements together to get the score.

Bear Skull Quality Grade System

As you browse our taxidermy store, you will notice our quality grades, which are earned based on the quality of the taxidermy work. These include our best quality grades: Trophy and Superior, which are museum-ready; followed by Excellent, Great, Fair, Rustic, and Novelty & Oddity. Most of our Grizzly, Black, or Brown bear taxidermy is available in Trophy, Superior, Excellent, or Great condition.

Contact All-Taxidermy

Questions? Please give our team a call at 1-888-983-3886. If you are a bear hunter, and you have shot a bear, please give our team a call and we will be happy to discuss your dream taxidermy mount – no matter if it is a life size bear mount, rug, or skull. We will give you tips for care that will result in better quality trophies. Contact All-Taxidermy today!