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Different Types of Deer Species’ Antlers

Hunting and taxidermists enthusiasts alike enjoy collecting and showcasing many different species of deer in their taxidermy collections. In this article, we’ll cover each of the different species of deer and their unique antlers which help the male deer stand

Coyote Mount Ideas

Coyote Mount Ideas

Coyote Mount Ideas to Add to Your Taxidermy Collection Are you a hunter who has recently shot a coyote? You’ll want to properly care for your coyote mount, and then bring it in to an expert taxidermist who can prepare

Elk Mount Ideas

4 Elk Mount Ideas for the Big Game Enthusiast

Elk Mount Ideas for Your Cabin Are you an elk mount enthusiast? You’ll want to check out just some of our elk mount ideas below. If you like big game hunting and taxidermy, elk are a must-have for your North

Cool Facts of Taxidermy

9 Cool Taxidermy Facts You May Not Know

Interesting Taxidermy Facts Taxidermy has been a scientific art for centuries, with taxidermists taking painstaking time to create a true-to-life replica of the animal. Think you know all there is to know about taxidermy? You may be surprised at these

Raccoon Mounts

8 Raccoon Mount Ideas for Your Cabin

Raccoon Taxidermy Ideas Looking for raccoon mount ideas for your cabin or living room? These small, masked critters are a must-have for your North American small mammals collection. Raccoon mounts are often designed by a taxidermist to show off the

Deer Taxidermy Full Body Mount

6 Ways to Display Your Deer Taxidermy

In this article, we’ll cover 6 popular ways that hunters and taxidermy enthusiasts like to display their deer taxidermy. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each option, as well as the estimated cost of each type of deer

The History of Taxidermy

People use taxidermy today for a wide range of purposes, much like it has been for centuries. Taxidermy dates back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were known for their development in new techniques for their time. Taxidermy has taken many

Bobcat Taxidermy Cost, Pictured with Red Squirrel Prey

Bobcat Taxidermy Cost

Bobcat Taxidermy Cost If you’ve recently hunted for bobcat, or you are shopping for taxidermy, you are likely wondering, “How much does bobcat taxidermy cost?” At All-Taxidermy, we provide top-quality bobcat taxidermy that will look stunning in your home, cabin,

What to Do to Get a Deer Mounted

It is common for hunters to decorate with skulls and rugs to commemorate the animals and memories of the hunt. Those getting a full shoulder mount usually rely on a professional to create the deer mount. However, a hunter’s responsibility for