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Black Bear Taxidermy Mounts

Here at All-Taxidermy, we are committed to the utmost excellence when it comes to black bear taxidermy décor. Shop our wide selection of black bear taxidermy.

Many of our black bear mounts include open mouth or standing mounts. We also have black bear rugs, and bear skulls available in pristine condition. Please see the listing for your mount or rug’s exact condition. We have a variety of black bear taxidermy poses to choose from. The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is North America’s smallest species of bear. While they commonly have black fur, as their name implies, their coat sometimes comes in cinnamon, blonde, white, light brown, or dark brown. Some of our black bear mounts even have a white “V” on their chest. Some of our taxidermy mounts here feature these lighter-colored furs or unique markings. If you are a hunter who enjoys bear hunting, you may be wondering what you can do with it. Here are 5 things to do with your bear hide. Now you can enjoy the beauty of one of North America’s most beautiful bear species, right in the comfort of your living room!

Black Bear Mounts

Spruce up your cabin with a majestic black bear mount. Our stunning black bear mounts include standing, sitting, open-mouthed poses, and half-size, life-size mounts. These high-quality mounts are sure to provide the aesthetic beauty you are looking for in your cabin or rustic home décor. No matter the pose or expression you have chosen for your black bear taxidermy wall mount or standing mount, know that you are purchasing a professional, carefully handled work of art from All-Taxidermy. Check out these five popular ways to pose your bear mount.

Black Bear Rugs

If you are hoping to decorate your wall or furniture with a gorgeous bear rug, we have a number of beautiful, highly detailed rugs available. Our black bear rugs are designed with impeccable attention to the detail and craftsmanship of the pelt. See each black bear rug product for exact dimensions. Our black bear rugs will be a gorgeous piece addition to your cabin, dining area, or living room. Take a look at some examples of taxidermy bear pieces and more.

Black Bear Taxidermy Prices

When it comes to pricing, you are paying for the quality of the black bear taxidermy mount or rug. The price is dependent on the size and the quality of the piece. You may notice on our products that we have a number of quality grades available, including Trophy, Superior, Excellent, Great, Fair, Poor, Rustic, and Novelty & Oddity. Most of our pieces are in exceptional condition. About All-Taxidermy We are a small, family-owned business located in Wrightstown, WI. At All-Taxidermy, we are committed to excellence in the quality of black bear mounts and rugs we sell. If desired, we also do custom pieces. We care about a job done right so that you can expect prompt shipping and your mount looking its absolute best when it arrives at your doorstep. We have many bear taxidermy mounts, from black bear to brown bear taxidermy.

Please Note: Bear CANNOT be shipped to CA, FL, NE, ND, OK, SD, VA and WV.

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