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Dusky Blue Grouse Taxidermy Mounts

Looking for beautiful grouse taxidermy? The Dusky Blue grouse is a forest-dwelling grouse that’s native to North America’s Rocky Mountains. The Dusky Blue grouse species you’ll find in this category is closely related to its cousin, the Sooty grouse species. However, at one point, these two birds were considered to be the same species – the Blue grouse.

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About the Dusky Blue Grouse

The Dusky Blue grouse, (Dendragapus obscurus), is a species of bird native to the western parts of North America. It is found in coniferous forests and high-altitude areas and feeds on a variety of plants and insects for food.

The male Dusky Blue grouse is known for its distinctive display during mating season. The bird puffs out its chest and utters a low, booming call to attract a mate. Males can become aggressive during the mating season, defending their territory from other males. Although it is usually a solitary bird, the Dusky blue grouse will occasionally gather in small groups, even outside of the mating season.

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If you’re looking for Dusky grouse taxidermy online or other types of grouse, look no further! In addition to the Dusky Blue grouse, we have several other grouse subspecies available. These include the Ruffled grouse, Sage grouse, Sharptail grouse, and Spruce grouse. Whether you are a grouse hunter with an interest in a taxidermy service, or an enthusiast who is looking for grouse mounts in pristine condition, you have come to the right place.

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Our taxidermy store is local in Wrightstown, WI. We proudly serve local customers, however, over the years have expanded into an ecommerce store to serve taxidermy enthusiasts nationwide. All-Taxidermy has years of experience preparing bird taxidermy like the Dusky Blue grouse and other species of grouse. Our finest pieces of bird taxidermy will be denoted by the Regal Wings Taxidermy category.

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