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Taxidermy Mounts

All-taxidermy offers various mounts fromdeer taxidermy, bobcat taxidermy, elk taxidermy, and fish taxidermy. Here you can find taxidermy wall mounts as well as hanging and table or floor mounts.
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Types of Taxidermy Mounts

European mount:  Also called skull mount is known to be an easy, cost-effective method to display. This mount features only the skull and horns or antlers and earned the name of European Mount due to its popularity in Europe as keeping skin and hair on the mount can be very expensive. Learn more with our Guide to European Mounts.

Shoulder mount: Shoulder mounts for deer are the most popular mount in the U.S. This mount features the animal’s head and skin down to the sternum.  

Life-Size Mounts: These mounts look majestic and natural in many spaces. The life-size mounts are the hardest and most time-consuming type of mount to create but are great for creating a lifelike scene. 

Caring for Taxidermy Mounts

The first step in taking care of taxidermy deer mounts is to ensure it is not close to extreme heat or direct sunlight. For the hair, eyes, and nose, following the steps below.

Hair: Use a compressed air cleaner or brush to gently remove surface dust. Another step would be to use a slightly damp cloth and brush the hair to get rid of any excess dust.

Eyes: The easiest way to clean the eyes is to spray glass cleaner on a q-tip and clean the whole eye. After the eye is cleaned, use a disposable towel to remove any excess cleaner.

Nose: The nose can begin to crack or dull if it isn’t cared for properly. Use the same compressed air tool to remove any dust from the nose and nostrils. Ensure to apply it gently so you don’t change the look of the nose. If desired, you can add petroleum jelly to ensure moisture and maintain a slightly shiny or moist look.

About All-Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is a small, family-owned company that has been providing superior service for the past five years. We strive to complete every job in the shortest time frame possible, without compromising aesthetic requirements. That means you can expect your product to be shipped at the soonest date possible, and to arrive with the most professionally-done look.


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