Lynx Taxidermy Mounts

One of the most beautiful wild cats of North America and Eurasia, the lynx will make the perfect addition for feline taxidermy enthusiasts and hunters. Browse our Canadian lynx, Iberian lynx and bobcat taxidermy. Lynx mounts will look great displayed alongside the mountain lion, grey wolf, bison, moose, whitetail deer, coyote, bear, elk, and many other North American mammals.

If you have any questions about the lynx taxidermy process, please contact our team! All-Taxidermy is a family-owned company with years of experience performing feline taxidermy services. Please contact us online or give our team a call today at (888) 983-3886.

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The lynx is a highly sought after taxidermy mount thanks to its beautiful thick fur, distinctive tufted ears, and large paws. If you’ve hunted a lynx, there are many ways to customize this feline. Whether you want to invest in a shoulder mount, pedestal mount, full body mount, or even a skull, this predator will look stunning taxidermied in any form. The most prevalent species on our website is the Canadian lynx, the third largest species of cat native to the Americas behind the Jaguar and Mountain lion.

Our quality grade system indicates the attention to detail of the taxidermy piece. Our best quality, museum-ready lynx mounts will be listed in Excellent, Superior, or Trophy condition, and our very best work will also have the Olympic Game or Global Exotic Taxidermy badges. If you’re looking for beautiful white skulls, our team also uses the Dermestid beetle cleaning method to carefully preserve the integrity of the skull. Lynx skulls are perfect for showing off the cat’s teeth and jaws – perfect for any bookshelf, office, or study.

Canadian Lynx Mounts

The Canadian (or Canada lynx), Lynx canadensis, is native to the dense boreal forests of Canada, Alaska, and some upper states in the United States in the Rocky Mountains, Great Lakes region, and northern New England. Canada lynx have light yellow-brown or grey fur with white bellies, long fur extending from the lower cheeks, tufted ears, long hind and forelimbs, and broad snowshoe-like paws. It is an excellent hunter, primarily preying on the snowshoe hare, but also grouse, small rodents, and small deer or caribou. The Canada lynx’s conservation status is Least Concern.

The Canada lynx can be customized in many different ways. Our taxidermists can create a full body mount displaying the cat in mid-sprint, pursuing a snowshoe hare, resting on a log, or sitting serenely among some brush. Wall shoulder mounts are another great option also, especially for showing off the cat’s stunning facial features and listening ears.

Iberian/Eurasian Lynx Mounts

All-Taxidermy will also feature Iberian and Eurasian lynx taxidermy on our website, two of the four extant lynx species. The Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) is characterized by yellow or tawny spotted fur. This lynx species is native to limited parts of southern Spain and its conservation status is Threatened.

The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx), has at least 6 subspecies (the Northern, Turkestan, Caucasian, Siberian, Balkan, and Carpathian lynx) and its distribution is throughout the majority of Europe and Asia – including Scandinavia, sparsely throughout various parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia; and throughout Russia.

Bobcat Mounts

The bobcat (Lynx rufus), is the smallest lynx species in the world. Its fur is a tawny/reddish color, with spots and distinctive striped patterns on its legs. As with other lynx species, the bobcat’s ears are also tufted. It earns its name from its short, “bobbed” tail.

The bobcat’s conversation status is Least Concern and it can be found throughout almost throughout the entirety of the United States, Mexico, and lower Canada. It is a feisty hunter and quite agile, preying on rabbits, hares, small rodents, chickens, geese, small birds, and deer. The lynx and the bobcat are both excellent choices for your North American taxidermy collection!

Lynx Fur Pelts

Instead of turning your lynx into a shoulder or full body mount, you can also change things up and opt instead for a lynx fur pelt. Our lynx fur pelts are expertly preserved to be displayed in any cabin or museum. The Canada lynx has thick, dense fur, so a fur pelt is a favorite among trappers, hunters, and taxidermy enthusiasts!

Shop our lynx fur pelts online today.

Why Choose All-Taxidermy For Lynx Mounts?

All-Taxidermy is a family-owned business with a passion for maintaining the integrity and beauty of North American and Eurasian mammals like the lynx. From small mammals to rodents, to medium wild cats, to huge creatures like the moose, elk, or bear, our taxidermists are certified professionals with expertise in taxidermy. Whether you’re a hunter, or a taxidermy enthusiast looking for a ready-made trophy for your office, shop, or museum, we’ve got the lynx taxidermy mount you need! Check out all our taxidermy online, or contact our team with questions.

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