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African Caracal Cat

All-Taxidermy is your online source for high quality taxidermy mounts. These include many African species such as the African lion, elephant, hyena, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, and cheetah. African cat species such as the desert lynx, otherwise known as the caracal, is one of earth’s 40+ species of wild cat. It is Africa’s largest species of small cat, with only the lion, leopard, and cheetah exceeding its size. Other small cat taxidermy you may find on our site that’s native to this continent include the serval, black-footed cat, sand cat, and African wildcat.

High quality caracal taxidermy with professional craftsmanship shows off the cat’s beauty, making it a stunning focal piece. If you have a growing collection of African taxidermy for your personal collection, office, or museum, the African caracal is definitely one of the more unique species to include. Take a look at our caracal taxidermy below, or contact us with questions today!

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This desert lynx makes for a stunning taxidermy display! If you are looking for African predators or felines primarily, or you just want to add to your already growing African taxidermy collection, a caracal mount piece will make the perfect addition. All-Taxidermy has many taxidermy pieces for sale in our online store.

Our most exquisite taxidermy pieces will be represented by the Global Exotic badge. This collection of mounts demonstrates taxidermy that’s in either Excellent, Superior, or Trophy condition. The fur, tufted ears, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, claws, and all other features of your caracal taxidermy piece will demonstrate fantastic craftmanship and attention to detail.

About the Caracal

The caracal is native to Africa, the Middle East (it is sometimes called the Persian lynx), and also Central Asia, Pakistan, and northwestern India. There are three subspecies of caracal, specifically the Southern, Northern, and Asiatic caracal. The caracal’s domestication history with humans goes way back to Ancient Egypt, where the pharaoh and royal families’ animal caretakers would capture, tame, and breed them as pets or for hunting. The ancient and middle age Chinese also traded them as gifts and esteemed them for their hunting skills – particularly for bird hunting. The caracal can be even kept as a pet today in certain states in the US.

Nocturnal, this medium-sized lynx cat (standing at about the height of a Border Collie), is rusty-colored, with long legs, long tufted, dark ears, and great hunting prowess. It is also an excellent climber. The caracal is a carnivorous predator that eats birds, rodents, and small mammals. The name caracal comes from the Turkish phrase “Kara-coulac” which means “a cat with black ears.”

Why All-Taxidermy?

Shop caracal taxidermy online and we will help you find the perfect already existing piece, prepared by a highly experienced taxidermist, or contact us and we’ll prepare your caracal and other cat taxidermy for you! View our price list for more details on an estimate for your species, or give us a call today. From the smallest bird, to the largest mammal, we have years of experience in feline taxidermy. Contact our team today with questions or get your quote today!

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