Raccoon Taxidermy Mounts

Raccoon taxidermy is one of the most popular small game mounts to add to your North American collection. Most specimens you’ll see here represent the North American raccoon. Every now and then, you may find a piece that showcases the beauty of the rare blonde raccoon. Our raccoon taxidermy includes raccoon mounts climbing a log, standing life-size mounts, pelts, or a face peeking out of a den. Take a look at our raccoon taxidermy mounts below.

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Shop North American Raccoon Mounts

Looking for a raccoon mount to add to your North American taxidermy collection? These small mammals are a must if you enjoy shooting or collecting North American animals such as the whitetail deer, bison, mountain lion, wolf, fox, bear, skunk, porcupine, or beaver. With our commitment to quality and high attention for detail, our raccoon taxidermy mounts are sure to put a smile on your face. Let All-Taxidermy be your online source for raccoon taxidermy!

About the North American Raccoon & Other Species

Currently, there are 22 subspecies of raccoon in total. The most common you’ll find on our site is the North American raccoon (Procyon lotor), otherwise called the common raccoon, or just coon. It is easily one of the most identifiable mammals native to the North American continent.

The raccoon is characterized by distinctive black “mask,” ringed tail, and extremely dexterous front hands. Raccoons are nocturnal, curious creatures, with a high level of intelligence. This small mammal is an omnivore, with a diet consisting of invertebrates such as insects, snails, and clams; small vertebrates like frogs, mice, rats, fish, and birds; plants, including seeds, fruits, and vegetables; and even garbage and pet food.

Our Raccoon Taxidermy

There are quite a few different options for your raccoon mounts – from raccoon wall mounts, to pelts, to a unique lamp design – there are lots of designs and mount types to choose from!

Raccoon Life-Size Mounts

Raccoon life-size mounts show off the intelligence and curiosity of this small game mammal. You’ll find quality taxidermy work that features a raccoon resting on a log, climbing a tree branch, eating from a jar of peanut butter (Novelty & Oddity collection), or simply standing. Some of our raccoon taxidermy pieces also show the animal with another raccoon, (e.g. two raccoons chasing each other up a lampstand.) Raccoon life-size mounts are the perfect addition for your cabin, and will look great either on a table, desk, or mounted on a wall, along with your other North American mammals, birds, or fish.

Raccoon Pelts/Rugs

Raccoon pelts are a unique alternative to a taxidermy mount since they focus more on the beauty of the animal’s silvery, silky fur. A raccoon’s masked face and ringed tail can also be better appreciated this way. Raccoon hides are perfect for hanging in your cabin, living room, or den. Each hide measures about 40-45″ long. All-Taxidermy’s raccoon hides have high quality tanned fur and demonstrate the most professional taxidermy techniques for the best looking pelt. Most of our raccoon pelts are listed in Excellent, Superior, or Trophy condition. If you want to learn this skill, read more here about how to skin a raccoon.

Raccoon Taxidermy FAQs

How much does a taxidermied raccoon cost?

Currently, for us to create a life size raccoon taxidermy mount, you can expect to pay around $925+. Already made life size mounts will range anywhere between $400-$700, depending on the quality and complexity of the position. Shoulder mounts are less expensive and will cost you around $250. A custom piece such as a lampstand will be around $1,000 or more. Lastly, a “Novelty and Oddity” raccoon mount is going to be around $480+.

Can you mount a raccoon?

Yes! They’re a great way for hunters, taxidermy collectors, outdoor enthusiasts, or museum owners to show off the animal’s fur, ringed tail, and signature masked face. In fact, our taxidermists have extensive experience working with small mammals like the raccoon and can create a custom life size mount, wall/shoulder mount, pelt, or unique piece.

How do you prepare a raccoon for taxidermy?

Once the animal is dead, keep the raccoon’s body and pelt in as good of shape as possible. You’ll want to keep in mind that the cleaner you start out, the better quality of mount will end up on your wall. Make sure to keep the animal as cool as possible and place in a cooler as soon as possible – within a couple hours. Make sure to get it to a taxidermist as soon as possible, or you will have to freeze the raccoon.

Shop All-Taxidermy for Raccoon Mounts

Need a taxidermy service? We are a trusted source for high quality custom taxidermy mounts. If you are a hunter, the examples of taxidermy online demonstrate the type of work we can do for your raccoon specimen. Here are some raccoon mount ideas for your cabin.

If you are otherwise shopping online for existing pieces, we have dozens of North American raccoon taxidermy mounts or pelts to choose from. You’ll notice our Quality Grade System ranges from Great to Trophy. We also have “Novelty & Oddity” for more humorous or unusual raccoon taxidermy pieces. Questions? Give the team at All-Taxidermy a call today!