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Blackbuck Taxidermy Mount

If you’re looking for professional Blackbuck taxidermy online, look no further than All-Taxidermy. We are your source for gorgeous shoulder mounts and European mounts displaying one of the world’s most exotic antelopes, the Blackbuck. This antelope is characterized by striking white and brown markings and is native to India, Nepal, and Pakistan in Asia. Please browse our current selection of Blackbuck mounts below, or give our team a call today at (888) 983-3886.

About the Blackbuck Antelope

The Blackbuck antelope, or Antilope cervicapra, is a medium-sized antelope native to the Indian subcontinent. There are two subspecies of Blackbuck: the Indian Blackbuck, Antilope cervicapra cervicapra, native to India, and the Himalayan Blackbuck Antilope cervicapra nimia, which is found dwelling in the wilds of Nepal and Pakistan.

Indian Blackbuck Taxidermy Mounts

If you’re looking for Asiatic antelope taxidermy, the Indian Blackbuck is a must-have! It is the more common of the two subspecies listed here. It is usually found in grasslands and open forests across much of India.

The Indian Blackbuck is a sexually dimorphic species, with males being much larger and more brightly colored than females. Females are typically around half the size of males. The male Blackbuck has long, spiral-shaped horns that can reach up to an impressive 75 cm in length.

Himalayan Blackbuck Taxidermy Mounts

The Himalayan Blackbuck is a slightly smaller subspecies than the Indian Blackbuck. They are found in the grasslands and scrub forests of the Himalayan foothills in Nepal and Pakistan. The horns of male Himalayan Blackbucks are also smaller than those of the Indian Blackbuck, typically measuring around 45 cm in length.

Shop Blackbuck Taxidermy Online

For those who appreciate the beauty of these magnificent creatures, Blackbuck taxidermy mounts are a popular way to enjoy their stunning brown and white markings, and long spiral horns. On our website, you’ll find Blackbuck European mounts, showing off our bright white, Deluxe Beetle Cleaned Skulls collection, and also our Blackbuck shoulder mounts. In addition, life size Blackbuck mounts are also available with or without a custom habitat.

Choosing shoulder and life size mounts, while more expensive, are well worth the investment, since they provide a more complete representation of the antelope. Whether you choose a skull or a shoulder or life size mount, you still will be able to appreciate the animal’s horns.

Why All-Taxidermy?

When considering a Blackbuck taxidermy mount for your Asiatic taxidermy collection, it’s important to choose a reputable taxidermist with experience working with exotic antelope species. The taxidermist should be able to provide references and examples of their work, as well as answer any questions you may have about the taxidermy process.

At All-Taxidermy, our taxidermists have a careful eye for detail as we prepare each deer, antelope, or other mammal. From the eyes and mouth to the tip of the horns, no detail is overlooked. For your peace of mind, our taxidermy store has years of reputable experience to back up our work. We communicate with you to make sure you get the final product you’re looking for! Contact us here with questions about your Blackbuck shoulder mounts, skulls, or life size mounts.