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Canadian Moose Taxidermy Mounts

The world’s largest member of the deer family, the Canadian moose has several subspecies. These include the Alaska/Yukon moose, the Shiras moose, the Western Canada moose, and the Eastern Canada moose. On this page, you’ll find that we have Canadian moose shoulder mounts, skulls, and antler plaques available representing these subspecies. If you have any questions about our moose taxidermy, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at 888-983-3886 or contact us here. You can also take a look at all our other moose taxidermy pieces here.

Our Canadian Moose Taxidermy

No matter if you have had a successful moose hunt, or you are looking for high quality existing taxidermy, let All-Taxidermy be your taxidermy shop! We specialize in North American mammals like the Canada moose. In fact, on our website, you’ll find beautiful trophies displaying Canadian moose shoulder mounts, life size mounts, pedestals, antlers, or skulls.

Canadian Moose Shoulder Mounts

A favorite for taxidermy enthusiasts, the Canadian moose shoulder mount is one of the most majestic trophies that you could add to your collection. Your moose can be crafted to look straight ahead, or look down and to the side. You can contact us also for a moose wall pedestal or add custom habitat to your Canadian moose mount.

Take a look at our pricing here. Our most outstanding shoulder mounts are also a part of our Olympic Big Game Taxidermy category, to denote the high quality of the taxidermy work.

Canadian Moose Antler Plaques

The unique antlers of the bull moose are one of the most intriguing additions to a taxidermy collection. Perfect for a hunter’s cabin, office, man cave, or living room, opting for moose antlers means that you can focus solely on the animal’s majestic antlers. We can also craft a Canadian moose skull and antler piece if desired.

Be sure to check each product list for the length and width of the palm, and other measurements and SCI score. Please contact our team today for questions on Canadian moose skulls/antlers and antler plaques.

About the Canadian Moose

The Canadian moose (Alces alces) dwells in every province and territory in Canada, with the exception of Prince Edward Island. In fact, the moose is regarded a symbol of the nation of Canada.

Male moose are called bulls, and females are called cows. The male is characterized by one of the most recognizable pair of antlers in the world – these broad, palmate (or open-hand shaped) antlers are covered with velvet in the summer months. By the fall, the moose rubs their antlers against trees to shed the velvet and use their sharp antlers to engage in aggressive competitive displays with other bulls. In the winter, the bull moose loses his antlers altogether, which will regrow later in the spring (juvenile bull moose do not lose their antlers until they reach adulthood.)

About All-Taxidermy

Our taxidermy store is your online and local resource for Canadian moose taxidermy, skulls, antler plaques, and more. In fact, with years of experience providing taxidermy services and trophies, we take personal pride in the work that we do. Our taxidermists take care to ensure each moose accurately represents the true nature of the animal.

Ready to get started on your project? Contact All-Taxidermy at 888-983-3886 today! We are looking forward to working with you to bring your dream Canadian moose taxidermy mount to life.