Red Fox Taxidermy Mounts

One of North America and Europe’s most distinctive mammals is the red fox. With stunning reddish fur and white and black markings, it is a must-have mammal to display in many taxidermy enthusiast and hunter’s collections. At All-Taxidermy, we have been selling high quality red fox taxidermy mounts for many years; from life size foxes standing on top of a log, to beautiful red fox pelts that focus on the animal’s fur.

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Need red fox taxidermy to add to your North American or European taxidermy collection? Let All-Taxidermy be your source for beautiful fox pelts, life size mounts, shoulder mounts, wall pedestals, and more. Our taxidermy is of stunning quality, with excellent attention to detail. Our very best pieces are museum-ready, or perfect for your living room, cabin, or man cave.

Red Fox Life Size Mounts

Hunting the red fox is one of the most rewarding pastimes for those who love hunting small game. Not only is it an exhilarating experience to successfully hunt your own fox, it’s also exciting to have the animal or its fur crafted into a lifelike, well-preserved mount or pelt.

At All-Taxidermy, our life size mounts show the red fox sitting down among some brush, standing perched on a rock or log, or chasing a small rodent or bird. If you are a hunter, there are virtually endless possibilities for your red fox life size mounts, since we offer plenty of options for custom habitats and poses. More information here on our price list page.

Otherwise, if you’re just shopping for red fox taxidermy online, you may notice that we have each piece denoted by a quality grade. Each red fox mount will demonstrate either Trophy, Superior, Excellent, Great, Fair, or Novelty condition. Our most superb pieces will include the Trophy, Superior, and Excellent quality grades and will be labelled by our Olympic Big Game Taxidermy logo to indicate the best quality pieces.

Red Fox Wall Mounts/Pedestals

Red fox wall mounts, pedestals, and shoulder mounts usually just include the head or head/shoulders of the animal. This places attention on the canine’s striking eyes, snout, and red and white facial markings.

As with life size mounts, there are many customization options available for your red fox shoulder mount, wall mount, or pedestal. For example, you can have the fox peek its head out from a den or have it posing among some brush with prey in its mouth.

Red Fox Pelts/Rugs

Hunters may appreciate the red fox’s fur best when it is made into a pelt. Not only is this taxidermy option one of the best ways to show off the beauty of the fox’s fur, but it is also a great way to conserve on space. From the nose to the tip of the tail, the total length will usually measure anywhere between 45” to 55”.

We also have fox rugs, which feature the animal with outstretched limbs, head, and tail. Red fox rugs will complement your other animal rugs, such as black bear, Grizzly bear, or wolf. There are several ways for hunters to show off their red fox rugs. For example, you can display your red fox rug on a couch, on the floor, or on the wall. Red fox pelts and rugs make a beautiful addition to your cabin!

About the Red Fox

The red fox (Vulpes vulpes), has a conservation status of Least Concern, and can be found in North America, Europe, Asia, and even the northern parts of Africa. It was also introduced to Australia in the 1830s and 1840s. The red fox lives in woodlands, open fields, wetlands, rural neighborhoods, and has even adapted well to urban settings.

The red fox is smaller than other comparable wild canine species, such as the wolf and coyote, but it is the largest of the true foxes (genus Vulpes). The animal is well known for its stunning red fur, white facial markings and underside, dark legs, and bushy tail with a white tip on the end. While the red fur is the most well-known coloration for the red fox species, it’s not uncommon to see other color morphs such as smokey, cross, blackish-brown, silver, platinum, amber, and samson.

The red fox usually lives in pairs or small groups of families. The male red fox is called a tod, and the female is known as a vixen. Fox pups are called kits. Additionally, this small canine is a skilled hunter with keen hearing, which it uses to prey on small rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and sometimes small deer and other ungulates.

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About All-Taxidermy

With years of experience dedicated to perfecting our craft, you can rely on our team to turn your fox into a beautiful trophy! Or, you can shop our store for fox taxidermy of various species of fox. Besides the Red fox, our already made taxidermy mounts also include Arctic, Cross, Gray, Marble, and Silver fox species.

Add a red fox to your North American or European mammal collection! This beautiful small canine will complement other animals such as whitetail or mule deer, skunks, raccoons, badgers, wolverines, porcupines, beavers, birds, elk, cougar, and more. Shop our taxidermy store online for the perfect red fox rug, pelt, shoulder mount, or life size mount today.