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Antlers and Horns

All-Taxidermy specializes in preserving antlers and horns of various animals like the Whitetail deer, Elk, Moose, Ram, Aoudad, Pronghorn antelope, Ibex, and more. We list our taxidermy antlers and horns with a quality grading scale to inform you of their quality. Please browse through our large selection of antlers and horns from a variety of animal species!

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Shop for Antlers & Horns Online

Let All-Taxidermy be your online resource for antlers and horns! Or, you can have our taxidermists preserve the antlers or horns of the animal you killed. Taxidermy antlers and horns can be displayed in various ways. Often mounted on plaques or incorporated into larger taxidermy displays to replicate a natural setting, you’ll be proud of the displays from All-Taxidermy!

The process of preparing antlers and horns for taxidermy requires a keen eye for detail. Once the antlers or horns are acquired, either through hunting or natural shedding, they undergo a cleaning and preservation process by our skilled taxidermists. The process involves 1.), removing any remaining tissue and 2.), treating the material with chemicals to prevent decay and to maintain its strength and appearance. Preserving antlers and horns properly is critical as it ensures that the antlers or horns can withstand the test of time.

Whitetail Deer Antlers for Sale

As a hunter or a cabin owner, you probably at some point will want to invest in at least one pair of majestic whitetail deer antlers. Crown the top of your doorway or above your TV with a quality pair of mounted antlers! When it comes to Whitetail deer antlers, you will want to shop from a reputable taxidermy store.

Whitetail deer antlers are shed by the male deer, or buck, once a year. The velvet that grows on them sheds every fall, creating the dynamic racks as you see them on our website. These decorative wall mounts will look stunning on your wall. Shop all Whitetail deer antlers for sale today!

Mule Deer Antlers for Sale

Mule deer antlers are great for decorating your lodge’s fireplace, your cabin entrance, your living room wall, or anywhere where you want a rustic look in your home or office. Mule deer bucks differ from Whitetails in that their racks are taller and broader. In addition, the mounted antlers on a Mule deer are bifurcated, which means that they fork in two different directions during growth.

Whether you are looking for an existing set of Mule deer antlers on our website, or you have recently shot and killed a Mule deer and want the antlers prepared for display, let All-Taxidermy be your resource!

Elk Antlers for Sale

Even larger than the Whitetail and Mule deer antler mounts are elk antler mounts. Also known as the Wapiti, the North American and Eastern Asian elk are larger members of the deer family with impressive, elongated racks and many points. Our sturdy elk antlers for sale will make a beautiful addition to your cabin wall.

The primary function of elk antlers is for mating displays and battles. During the rutting season, males use their antlers to compete for the attention of females. These battles can be intense, with the elk locking antlers and pushing against one another in a show of strength and dominance.

Moose Antlers for Sale

Moose, the largest members of the deer family, are renowned for their massive antlers. The size and formation of antlers on a full grown bull (male moose) are remarkable: they can span over six feet across and weigh up to 40 pounds. Moose antlers are shed and regrown annually, a process governed by hormonal changes and environmental factors.

Mounted moose antlers are huge and will provide a stunning appearance over a doorway in your cabin. The eye-catching mounted antlers are a must for any hunter or cabin owner. Be sure to review our online store for moose antler availability. In addition, we also have gorgeous wall and full-body moose mounts to choose from. Please talk with our experts about customizing your moose mounts.

Mounted Horns

Whether it’s mounted horns of a Dall sheep, Pronghorn antelope, Hartebeest, Cape buffalo, or a Longhorn bull, All-Taxidermy has a varied selection of horns from many species of animal. You may notice while browsing that our mounted horns for sale are available in a number of conditions, as notated by our Quality Grade System. Please see our pictures and descriptions for an overview of the condition of our mounted antlers and horns.

Shop Antlers & Horns with All-Taxidermy

Whether it’s a shed or an antler/horn plaque, you’ll love the high-quality taxidermy work that we do! Our taxidermists have years of experience dedicated to the craft of preserving antlers, horns, full-body mounts, shoulder mounts, skulls, and pelts alike. Based in Wrightstown, WI, we are proud to be both a local and nationwide resource for top-quality taxidermy services. Shop all antlers for sale on our website!