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American Bison Taxidermy Mounts

Looking for beautiful American bison taxidermy to add to your collection? The museum-ready trophies you’ll find on our website are perfect for your log cabin, living room, office, or small museum display. Our bison taxidermy includes stunning shoulder mounts, full body life size mounts, bison hides, and even pristine white skulls. If you have questions about our American bison taxidermy or our other buffalo taxidermy, simply contact our team by giving us a call at 888-983-3886, or contact us here.

Our Bison Taxidermy

Bison Shoulder Mounts

Our most popular bison taxidermy items are our bison shoulder mounts. More affordable and conserving on space when compared with life size mounts, with a shoulder mount, you can appreciate the majestic beauty of this mammal’s huge head, horns, and thick brown hide.

Our highest quality shoulder mounts (as well as life size mounts), are represented by the Olympic Big Game Taxidermy category. These pieces include our best quality grades (Excellent, Superior, and Trophy) and demonstrate the most skilled taxidermy services that best showcase the true nature of the American Bison.

Life Size Mounts

These bison taxidermy mounts are much larger and more costly. However, they are well worth the investment, especially if you’ve always dreamed of showing off a Great Plains taxidermy collection in your cabin. The American bison will look stunning standing among grass in a custom habitat, or even on a pedestal.

If you’re interested in life size bison mounts, take a look at our pricing page to get an approximate cost of your project. For a taxidermy piece of this size, you can expect your project to cost around $20,000+.

Bison Hides

Another way to show off the bison’s majestic brown hide is by having your bison made into a hide or robe. Display your authentic bison hide on your cabin wall, draped over your couch, or as a rug stretched in front of your sofa. Hides/robes are indeed one of the coolest ways to display your bison’s hide. Contact us for details on bison hide pricing.

Bison Skulls

Lastly, we also work on bison skulls. These can be displayed on your wall among other North American mammal skulls, or on your office desk or bookshelf if you prefer. Bison skulls are a great alternative to our other taxidermy types – especially if you want to show off the animal’s massive skull and distinctive horns. Our most pristine skulls are represented by the Deluxe Beetle Clean Skulls category.

About the American Bison

One of North America’s most recognizable and majestic mammals is the American bison (Bison bison). Also called the American buffalo, or simply the buffalo, this animal has two subspecies in North America: the Plains bison, and the Wood bison. There is also the European bison, (Bison bonasus) which went extinct in the 1920s, but was reintroduced to the wild and now dwells in herds in modern day Belarus and Poland. Check out our European bison taxidermy here.

Of extant land mammals in North America, the bison is the heaviest and the longest, and after the moose, the bison is the tallest. Males are called bulls, and females are called cows. The bull is significantly larger and heavier than the cow.

About All-Taxidermy

So why choose our taxidermy store for American bison mounts? With years of experience and a personal passion for performing taxidermy services and selling high quality trophies, you can rely on our expertise! No matter if we’re handling a huge bison taxidermy project, or a much smaller fox, raccoon, or squirrel piece, we take great care to make the animal look as natural and realistic as possible. Take a look here for tips for better trophies. Contact our team today to discuss your bison mount or other taxidermy mounts.

Get in touch with our taxidermists by calling us at 888-983-3886, or by contacting us directly here. We’re looking forward to talking about your bison taxidermy project!