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Turkey Taxidermy Mounts

Are you a turkey hunting enthusiast? All-Taxidermy is skilled in professional turkey taxidermy services. We have years of experience preparing turkey specimens for a beautiful, life-like mount that shows off the bird’s tail, feathers, and detailed anatomy for a realistic display. Our turkey taxidermy mounts are museum-ready and are perfect for your cabin, living room, office, or museum exhibit. Each turkey mount in our Regal Wings Taxidermy collection demonstrates the accuracy of the bird’s anatomy, quality glass eyes, and the best materials for maximum longevity of the piece.

Our turkeys are available as turkey rugs, turkey tail fans, as a life-size mount, or as a bird in flight. Each piece is denoted by a quality grade badge. Most of these are in Excellent, Superior, or Trophy quality grade. Please contact our team with any questions about our turkey mounts.

How to Prepare a Turkey for the Taxidermist

When you first shoot your turkey, you’ll want to keep the bird in good shape (don’t restrain the bird while it’s dying or you can risk damaging the bird’s wings, legs, or tail feathers) and away from direct sunlight. If you can’t get your turkey to your taxidermist right away, you’ll need to freeze it as soon as possible, within two hours. If you don’t have a freezer nearby, you’ll need to remove the turkey’s entrails in the field.

More here on how to skin a turkey if you are interested in prepping the turkey for cooking. Please note that you need to skin the turkey extremely carefully if you want to reserve your turkey for a mount. So, unless you’re highly experienced, it’s best to get the whole carcass to a taxidermist and have them handle it.

Taking appropriate care of your turkey specimen during/after the shoot and freezing it right away will ensure your bird is in good condition for a taxidermy service. If you have any questions about how to properly care and freeze your bird for a turkey mount, contact us, and we can give you some tips.

About the Turkey

The wild turkey is a large, ground-feeding bird that is native to North America. The male turkey is much larger than the female, and it’s characterized by its dynamic plumage, a large fanned out tail, and a distinctive snood that hangs from the top of its beak. Some of our most popular and impressive turkey mounts show a male turkey in full strut. A wild turkey’s strut is a courtship behavior that displays dominance and attracts hens.

There are two extant turkey species; Meleagris gallopavo, the Eastern and Central North American wild turkey, and Meleagris ocellata, the ocellated turkey which dwells in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Overall, there are several subspecies of these turkeys, two of which are the Eastern turkey and the Rio turkey, which you’ll find on our website.

Read more here about the 5 different subspecies of North American gobblers that hunting enthusiasts can hunt.

About All-Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is a professional taxidermy store that creates taxidermy mounts of virtually any mammal, bird, fish, or reptile with a careful eye for detail. Initially, we started out as a small, family-owned company in Wrightstown, WI, but have since grown and evolved into a large ecommerce store. Our team continues to uphold family values and we are proud to provide our clients with expert local taxidermy services as well as already crafted taxidermy pieces.

We offer competitive pricing, so contact our team with any questions you may have regarding the cost of your turkey taxidermy project. Contact us on the website or give our taxidermists a call at 888-983-3886.