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All-Taxidermy is your online and local resource for quality rattle snake taxidermy mounts. With decades of experience providing taxidermy services, we have the skill, attention to detail, and customer service you are looking for in a reptile mount. Our best rattlesnake taxidermy pieces are labeled with the “First Rate Fish and Reptile Taxidermy” badge. These are only our Excellent, Superior, and Trophy taxidermy pieces, and they represent the highest museum-ready quality, accuracy, and attention to detail.

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If you have a rattlesnake you need us to prepare for you, contact us for a quote, or visit our pricing page for more details. We have extensive experience with ensuring that each scale, the eyes, the open mouth, and the tail are prepared with excellent attention to detail. At All-Taxidermy, we focus on making your rattlesnake come to life! Contact our expert team today for performing taxidermy on a snake.

Rattlesnake Taxidermy Poses

Your rattlesnake can be positioned in a fully body pose, coiled up with an open mouth, or in a striking/defending pose. You also have the option of a custom habitat or with its prey to make your rattlesnake mount really stand out in its natural habitat. Of course, a threatening, open-mouth stance is popular for a rattlesnake taxidermy mount.

If you are going for a Western North American theme for your taxidermy collection, the rattlesnake is a must-have! Pair this fearsome member of the Viper family along with the coyote, pronghorn antelope, mountain lion, peregrine falcon, and desert tortoise.

Rattlesnake Mount Species

Currently, there are 11 known North American rattlesnake species. These include the Timber/Canebrake Rattlesnake, Eastern Diamondback, Western Diamondback, Mojave Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnakes, Pygmy Rattlesnake, Eastern Massasauga, Sidewinder, Banded Rock Rattlesnake, Ridge-Nosed Rattlesnake, and the Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake.

The species you are likely to find most on our website include the Timber Rattlesnake, and the Eastern and Western Diamondback. The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake is venomous and is a member of the Viper family. Its range is from Southwestern United States to Mexico. This species is likely responsible for the most snakebite fatalities and the largest number of snakebites in the USA.

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With years of experience dedicated to reptile, mammal, fish, and bird taxidermy, our team has the expertise and customer service skills to make your rattlesnake look as close to the real-life reptile as possible. View all our taxidermy mounts here.

We are based in Wrightstown, WI, and are proud to serve our local community. Through the years, our taxidermy store has expanded to a much larger Ecommerce store and we are proud to sell high quality rattlesnake mounts online to our valued customers. Contact us today for a quote on your rattlesnake taxidermy.