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Taxidermy Mounts

All-Taxidermy has evolved into a high quality, custom taxidermy mount shop for all hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. With years of experience and training from world champion taxidermists we can take care of all your mounts. Some of the taxidermy pieces we sell are North American, European, and African mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, skulls, rugs, and more.

Deer Taxidermy

Deer Taxidermy

Perhaps the most popular of taxidermy mounts, our deer taxidermy includes upright, semi-upright, sneak, semi-sneak and other eye-catching poses to showcase the majesty of a whitetail buck.

Had a successful hunting season? You may be interested in getting a taxidermy job done. With our taxidermy services, you can show off your trophy in your living room or cabin as either an antler rack, pedestal, shoulder mount, or full-body mount!

Our taxidermists provide detail-oriented work and we are fully committed to making your deer mount look stunning. We can customize your mount based on your specific request.

At All-Taxidermy, we have both both whitetail deer and mule deer taxidermy in stock. Our taxidermists are committed to making your whitetail or mule deer look as lifelike as possible. Browse our online mounts today, or contact us to professionally clean and mount your game.

Bear Taxidermy

Bear Taxidermy

One of the most majestic animals to display in your North American mammals collection is the grizzly or black bear. If you have a passion for bear hunting or simply admire bear taxidermy, you can choose to mount your bear as a full-body mount walking on a log or rock, as a shoulder or pedestal mount, or as a professionally-cleaned skull.

Another popular option that bear hunters opt for is a bear rug. A bear rug is a stunning addition to your cabin wall. Regardless of your choice of mount or pelt, these beautiful taxidermy pieces will look majestic mounted in your living room or cabin.

Browse our current online selection of mounts, or contact us to create your custom bear mount. You’ll find black bear taxidermy and brown bear taxidermy alike on our website. Many of our taxidermy pieces are in Trophy, Superior, Excellent, or Great condition which indicates that these mounts are next to flawless in quality. 

Contact our professional taxidermists today for grizzly, brown, or black bear taxidermy services.

Fish Taxidermy

Fish Taxidermy

Fishing enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of catching fish, getting them professionally crafted by a taxidermist, and displaying them proudly on their wall. Here at All-Taxidermy, we can clean and mount your bluegill, perch, walleye, trout, musky, bass, and pretty much any other fish species you are looking to have done.

Mount your fish on the wall, as a tabletop mount, or as a floor mount, depending on your preference and the amount of room you have in your office, cabin, or home. For added style, you can get your fish mounted on driftwood. If you caught several fish, you can add several of them to your display for visual interest.

Choose to browse existing fish taxidermy mounts on our website, or you can contact us for info on your own custom project. Here at All-Taxidermy, we are fully committed to quality and meticulous attention to detail in the taxidermy process. 

Please contact our experts for a quote on fish taxidermy. Display your dream fish taxidermy mount on your wall today!

Small Game Taxidermy, Bobcat/Gray Fox

Small Game Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy crafts small game taxidermy animals, pelts, and skulls for your taxidermy collection. Many of our small game taxidermy work includes not just North American animals, but also animals native to Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Here are just some examples of our small game taxidermy:

When it comes to small game mounts, our expert taxidermists care about every detail, and have a keen eye for the craft. In addition, you’ll see that the taxidermy we are selling on our website is graded according to our Quality Grade System, which indicates the quality of the mount, pelt, or skull. Whether you are a hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll enjoy the beauty and realism of our small game taxidermy!

Interested in getting a quote for a professional taxidermy service? We will help answer your questions regarding pricing, project wait times, shipping, and more. Please contact All-Taxidermy to add a fox, wolverine, otter, mink, raccoon, or bobcat taxidermy to your collection today!

Large Game Taxidermy, Elk

Large Game Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is your source for large game taxidermy services! We can custom design an elk, moose, or any other large game to add to your mammals collection. You’ll find North American, African, Asian, and European large game taxidermy animals in our online store.

Our taxidermists are skilled professionals who can make your stag look stunning! These pieces have been featured in museums, offices, cabins, and homes. Our highest quality grades include Trophy, Superior, and Excellent condition. We also have Rustic for a rustic feel for your cabin, or Novelty & Oddity for a unique or humorous style.

You can choose to get your large game taxidermy crafted as a life size mount, shoulder mount, a hide, or as a skull. No matter if you are a hunter or an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find our large game to be a beautiful addition to your large mammals collection.

At All-Taxidermy, we take great pride in the realism and detail or our taxidermy pieces. If you are interested in getting a taxidermy service done, please contact us for a quote.

Professional Taxidermy Services

Professional Services

We are a professional, family-owned business providing skilled taxidermy services for shoulder and life size mounts (with and without habitat), Euro mounts, hide tanning, professional skull cleaning, and rugs. Visit our price list or contact us for a quote on your customized taxidermy service.

Shipping with Care

Careful Shipping

We package and ship your taxidermy mounts with great care and as soon as possible. Expect 6 – 9 months for most projects. Delivery times vary depending on the time of year and complexity of the project. A deposit of 25% is due before your project is started – the finale amount is due at pick up.

Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality

Our taxidermists are trained by the best World Champion taxidermy experts. We are committed to attention to detail and pieces that are as accurate a reflection of real-life as possible.No matter how small or large the taxidermy piece is, we infuse the same level of pride into doing the job right.

About All Taxidermy

With five years of experience and training from world champion taxidermists, we take pride in turning your vision into your trophy.

All-Taxidermy welcomes you to a remarkable collection of mounts, rugs, skulls, antlers, fish, birds, and more! Please browse our collection of taxidermy mounts. Every piece has been reviewed by a certified taxidermist with years of experience and given a grade dictated by quality and trophy score. If you are in search of that massive elk for the cabin, bear rug in front of the fire place, conversational center piece, or that statement piece for your restaurant, office or waiting room, we are here to help! At All-Taxidermy we are committed to the utmost quality.

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