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Elk Taxidermy Mounts

Looking for a magnificent elk trophy for your North American mammal collection? All-Taxidermy has a wide selection of Elk Taxidermy Mounts positions for sale and ready to ship. In addition, our expert taxidermists work with a wide range of other North American animal species from deer taxidermy, to bobcat taxidermy, to bear taxidermy. All our Elk Taxidermy mounts are designed with great attention to detail and are competitively priced. We can do elk taxidermy projects for antlers, skulls, shoulder mounts, wall pedestals, and full-body mounts alike.

Elk Mounts for Sale

Are you looking for elk mounts for sale online? All-Taxidermy is a small, family-owned taxidermy shop, located in Wrightstown, WI, with a focus on high-quality, well-crafted elk mounts at competitive prices. Our expert taxidermists work with the hunter and the outdoor enthusiast alike to design the elk mount you are looking for. Elk mounts are one of the most eye-catching large game displays and are sure to be a conversation starter! Take a look at some of our elk mount ideas here.

Elk Taxidermy Cost

Many factors affect the cost of an elk taxidermy mount, including the position, size, and style. Depending on these factors, the elk taxidermy cost can range from $500 for antlers to $3,000 or more for a specialized elk position. All-Taxidermy has many options to choose from that are unique, well-crafted, and competitively priced.

Elk Taxidermy Poses

Display your elk proudly on your cabin wall! There are multiple options to choose when it comes to elk taxidermy poses. Male elk (or bulls), are known for their dynamic set of antlers as well as their “bugling” calls, performed loudly and heard over long distances during the mating season. As a result, many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts who would like to showcase this behavior prefer to display their bull elk with an open-mouthed “bugling” stance.

Below are common elk taxidermy poses:

  • Upright: This pose is normally mounted with alert ears and a slight turn to the left or right to accentuate the antlers. A beautiful way to display your bull elk.
  • Semi-Sneak: Semi-sneak is a relaxed pose that can be created with a small or large head turn. This position allows for the ears to be mounted either alert or relaxed.
  • Full Sneak: This is the most relaxed pose and can have the ears be alert or relaxed. This pose is not as popular as the Upright and Semi Sneak but is nevertheless a good change up from the typical poses. An elk in a full sneak pose can be hung the highest on the wall, but it also extends the farthest from the wall.
  • Wall Pedestal: The wall pedestal is a unique and creative way to showcase your bull elk. For example, you can choose to have your wall pedestal crafted with an open-mouthed “bugling” stance for an eye-catching display. For customized options for your wall pedestal, please contact the experienced team at All-Taxidermy.
  • Full-Body Mount: This shows the beauty of the entire animal, from the antlers to the hoofs. Full-body mounts will be your most costly option, but if you have always dreamed of displaying a full-body elk mount, it’s well worth the price in the end! A full-body mount will look stunning in the corner of your living room or as a centerpiece in your cabin.

About the Elk (Cervus canadensis)

One of nature’s largest species in the deer family, the elk, (Cervus canadensis, or wapiti), can be found in North America, Central Asia, and East Asia. Their size is exceeded only by the moose.

The elk dwells in forest habitats. As an herbivore, this large deer has a diet that consists of grass, plants, leaves, and bark. The males, called bulls (or stags in Asia), are known for their large set of antlers, which they shed each year.

Elk Bugling

The males are known not only for their stunning antlers, but also their loud vocalizations during the mating season, which is known as “bugling”. These loud calls can be heard for miles. During the rut, they also engage in aggressive antler wrestling with other males in competition for the females. This mating behavior is called “sparring.”

The females are called cows, (or hinds in Asia), and usually give birth to a single calf, but on rare occasion will give birth to two. On average, the elk lives between 10 and 13 years in the wild.

About All-Taxidermy

All-Taxidermy is a small, family-owned company headquartered in Wrightstown, Wisconsin. Trained by the best World Champion taxidermy experts, we have years of experience in the industry. Additionally, our taxidermists care about all our customers.

At All-Taxidermy, we take great personal pride in the quality of work that we perform, no matter if we are working with a small squirrel, or a great elk. Once your taxidermy piece is finished, we carefully ship your mount so that it arrives safely at your doorstep.

Our most top-quality grades, Trophy and Superior, are museum-ready pieces that will accurately display the elk’s natural grandeur. Call us now at 1-888-983-3886 to discuss your plans for your elk trophy project and get pricing information.