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Coyote Mounts

All-Taxidermy is your online source for high-quality coyote mounts. Our taxidermists have years of experience with taxidermy for a wide variety of North American mammal species. We offer various taxidermy mounts including deer taxidermy, bear taxidermy, fox mounts, bobcat taxidermy, lynx taxidermy, elk taxidermy, bird mounts, fish mounts, squirrel taxidermy, and boar mounts. Here you can find taxidermy wall mounts as well as hanging and table or floor mounts.

Coyote Mounts For Sale

Pelt mount: This mount features only the fur and outer layers of the coyote. This mount is often used to hang on the wall for decorating. It is a very popular way to mount a coyote.

Shoulder mount: Shoulder mounts for deer are the most popular mount in the U.S. This mount features the animal’s head and skin down to the sternum.

Full mount: These mounts look majestic and natural in many spaces. The life-size mounts are the hardest and most time-consuming type of mount to create but are great for creating a lifelike scene.

Check out coyote mount ideas here to visualize all the possibilities for your coyote taxidermy!

Coyote Taxidermy Prices

When it comes to pricing, you are paying for the quality of the coyote taxidermy mount or rug. The price is dependent on the size and the quality of the piece. You may notice on our products that we have a number of quality grades available, including Trophy, Superior, Excellent, Great, Fair, Poor, Rustic, and Novelty & Oddity. Most of our pieces are in exceptional condition.

The coyote, sometimes called the prairie wolf, (Canis latrans), is a close relative of the wolf and is a species of canine that’s native to North America. It is a highly adaptable animal and its conservation status is Least Concern. The coyote communicates through vocalizations like howling, yelping, barking, and huffing.

If you’re a hunter who has shot a coyote, you’ll want to have a proper understanding of field care and finding the right taxidermist for the job. At All-Taxidermy, we are committed to quality and attention to the detail when it comes to providing taxidermy services for your coyote mount. Read coyote hunting and taxidermy tips here.

About All-Taxidermy

We are a small, family-owned business located in Wrightstown, WI. At All-Taxidermy, we are committed to excellence in the quality of taxidermy mounts and rugs we sell. If  desired, we also do custom pieces. We care about a job done right, so that you can expect prompt shipping and your mount looking its absolute best when it arrives at your doorstep.

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