Fox Taxidermy Mounts

Browse our beautiful red, gray, and silver fox taxidermy mounts. All-Taxidermy is a family-owned company known for creating high-quality taxidermy mounts. Whether our taxidermists are creating deer taxidermy, bobcat taxidermy, elk taxidermy, or fish taxidermy, you can expect it to look life-like and arrive in exceptional condition. All-Taxidermy has a wide selection of fox taxidermy mounts positions for sale and ready to ship. Additionally, all of our fox taxidermy mounts are competitively priced. We also provide highly customized options for your taxidermy, so please give us a call to get started on your customized fox mount.

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Have you recently hunted fox and are looking for customization options? There are many ways you can customize your fox taxidermy:

Full-body mount – Perhaps the most popular and sought-after option, a full-body mount showcases the full beauty of this cunning canine. Whether it’s a red or gray fox on display, the full-body mount will look excellent. For added visual interest, we can customize your fox to stalk a small rodent, hold a bird in its mouth, or walk down a log.

Full-body mount (running) – Want your fox to run? Foxes are exceptional sprinters. If you want to capture the speed of the red or gray fox, simply browse our current selection, or contact us to have your fox customized to your liking.

Shoulder wall mount – Foxes have excellent hearing, and a shoulder wall mount can capture the stance of a listening fox quite well. Wall mounts are also a great choice when you have a lot of other taxidermy you want to add to the collection as they conserve on space while also looking stunning.

Lying down – Foxes are climbers, so if you like the stance of a fox resting on a tree limb, All-Taxidermy can customize it for you. A lying down stance looks great as a tabletop, wall mount, or life size display.

Pelt – Red, silver, and gray foxes have beautiful fur coats, so why not display them as a fox pelt? If your preference is to showcase the fur rather than the animal, this may be the option for you. Also, fox pelts look stunning hanging on the wall of your cabin.

Red Fox Taxidermy

Our most common fox taxidermy is our red fox taxidermy mounts. Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) are very cunning predators, and their range includes North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of North Africa. It is a highly adaptable fox species, which allows them to live in many diverse places such as forests, mountains, or even human environments like farms, suburban, and urban areas. The red fox is a skilled hunter that feeds on small mammals, birds, small reptiles, invertebrates, and young deer. Because of their beautiful, characteristic red coat, red foxes have over the centuries been hunted for sport, and today they are still a highly sought-after mounting piece. Browse our red fox taxidermy here.

Silver Fox Taxidermy

The silver fox is the same species as red fox; however, its coat is a unique, melanistic variation. The silver fox is characterized by a distinctive glossy black, bluish-grey, or silvery coloration. Because the silver-colored variety of red fox is much less common, it has historically been quite sought after. The unique color of the silver fox’s coat makes for a beautiful piece in decorating the interiors of your home or cabin. Some of the fox taxidermy you will see in our online store include a hybrid of the red and silver colorations. Shop silver fox taxidermy today or contact us for taxidermy services.

Gray Fox Taxidermy

The gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus), an omnivorous canine, lives throughout North and Central America. It is marked with silvery gray fur on the face, back, and tail, with reddish and white colorations on the ears, neck, and legs, and a distinct black stripe on the tail. The gray fox is a smaller species than the red fox. It is a natural tree climber and is sometimes called the “tree fox” or “cat fox.” Gray foxes are primarily nocturnal predators that commonly hunt rabbits, small rodents, and insects, and also forage for fruits and vegetables. Customize your gray fox taxidermy with our professional taxidermists today!

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All-Taxidermy is your online source for various species of fox. These include the red fox, gray fox, arctic fox, fennec fox, cross fox, and marble fox. These small and cunning canines are exceptional climbers, excellent hunters, and swift animals that are a must-have for your taxidermy collection. Questions? Be sure to contact our knowledgeable team today about our services, shipping, pricing, and more.