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Walleye Taxidermy Mounts

If you are a fishing or taxidermy enthusiast, you’ll love All-Taxidermy’s collection of walleye fish taxidermy! Our best museum-pieces will be denoted with the badge Excellent, Superior, and Trophy condition with the “First Rate Fish & Reptile Taxidermy” logo. Each walleye taxidermy pieces will make the perfect addition to your home, cabin, or office wall. Even better, there are plenty of customization options available – from a driftwood plaque to even displaying multiple walleye in one taxidermy piece!

Have questions about customization? Please contact our walleye fish taxidermy experts for more information on our contact page, or by calling us directly at (888) 983-3886.

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Not only are walleye are great for eating, they also make a beautiful taxidermy piece to proudly display on your wall. Let All-Taxidermy be your online source for walleye taxidermy! No matter if you are looking for us to taxidermy your catch, or you are seeking already made taxidermy pieces, we’ve got you covered! Our professional team has years of experience working with fish taxidermy of various freshwater and saltwater species native to North American waters and around the globe.

No matter if you are a beginner or skilled in the hobby, if you are a fishing enthusiast, choosing to save some of the fish for eating and some for taxidermy is always a great option! Preserving one or several walleye for a memorable taxidermy display will not only make your office or cabin space look great – it will also serve as a great conversation starter to brag about your hobby!

About the Walleye

Otherwise known as the yellow pike, yellow pikeperch, or yellow pickerel, the walleye is a freshwater fish native to the waters of Canada and the northern United States. The walleye features a olive and gold hue coloration and can grow up 31″ long and 29lb in weight. Walleye fish are commonly-stocked game fish that are commonly prepared in many restaurants, and they are considered a staple of Canadian cuisine. The species is fished both recreationally and commercially.

Walleye Taxidermy Mount FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions asked about Sander vitreus, or the walleye fish. If you have further questions about this fish species, how to properly mount it, or if you have specific questions for us, please contact us!

What size walleye is worth mounting?

As a general guideline, walleye that are 28″ or longer are considered trophy-sized and are often chosen for mounting. This size indicates a mature, well-developed fish that would make a significant and memorable taxidermy display! Some anglers may choose to mount smaller fish that hold personal significance, such as their first catch or a fish caught during a memorable trip.

How long will a taxidermy fish last?

With proper care, a taxidermy fish mount can last for decades. The longevity of a mounted fish depends on the quality of the taxidermy work, the materials used, and the conditions in which the mount is displayed. To ensure the longest possible lifespan, keep the mount out of direct sunlight, avoid high humidity or extreme temperature changes, and dust it regularly with a soft brush. Avoid using household cleaners or chemicals on the mount. If maintained correctly, a taxidermy walleye mount can remain in excellent condition for 20 years or more. Be sure to ask our team questions about walleye mount care!

How much does fish taxidermy cost?

The cost of fish taxidermy can vary widely based on the size of the fish, the type of mount (full mount, half mount, or reproduction), the taxidermist’s experience, and the geographical location. For walleye mounts, the price range can start from $150 to $250 for smaller fish and can go up to $300 to $500 or more for larger, trophy-sized fish or for mounts that require intricate detailing or custom poses. For accurate prices on fish taxidermy, please visit our price list page.

How many years old is a 30 inch walleye?

The age of a 30″ walleye can vary significantly depending on factors such as the fish’s growth rate, the environment in which it lives, and the availability of food. In general, a 30″ adult walleye could be anywhere from 10 to 20 years old. Walleyes in nutrient-rich waters with ideal conditions tend to grow faster and might reach 30 inches in a shorter time frame. Conversely, in less ideal conditions, it may take longer for a walleye to reach that size.

Why Choose All-Taxidermy for Walleye Taxidermy Mounts?

Need a custom walleye mount piece? No problem! All-Taxidermy consists of a small team of expert fish taxidermy experts! We are skilled in walleye taxidermy, along with many other species of fish like the bluegill, smallmouth and largemouth bass, Northern pike, salmon, trout, gar, and more.

Questions for our team? Please contact our walleye taxidermy experts today at contacting us here, or by calling us directly at (888) 983-3886!